Having finished my studies, i made a trip to Puerto Rico. 3 weeks being lazy was to much. So i took a lot of pictures with my compact film camera. The last day my Konica A4 mini 'died'. So I bought a Leica R5 with a 50mm f2 and 90mm f2,8 when coming home. Later an M6 with 50mm f2,8 and 90mm F2,8 and a Voigtlaender 15mm f4,5. I was amazed by the mechanical and optical qualities of these cameras and lenses. Later than i got an Nikon Autofocus camera with a Tamron 28-200 - travelling with friends, that didn't want to wait for somebody taking pictures. Later than a D80 with upcoming digital era.
Now, 20 years after my trip to Puerto Rico, I was looking for a new camera. Didn't know: O-MD or X-E1? I went for the X-E1, because I remembered my photographic genesis: taking high image quality pictures with a camera that allows manual techniques... Old school rangefinder like sooc jpeg's!

fishing, skiing, sledding, biking
you really don't want to know that ;-)


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