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    For the fourth year in a row......

    Great idea.. Gary
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    Micro 4/3 Difficult decision - Stylus 1 as perfect travel camera (vs EM10)

    I've gone on vacation w/ nothing more than the old Panasonic 25-300 10mp p&s when I needed the zoom range. I always figure your on vacation w/ your family...enjoy it w/ the family... If u get a good shot w/ the p&s that's a plus :D Gary
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    Micro 4/3 Difficult decision - Stylus 1 as perfect travel camera (vs EM10)

    I bought a Panasonic lx100.. Though people don't seem to think much of it because of the 12mp sensor (16mp m43 sensor but only 12mp used). The Panasonic lx series has always been known for how well they match the lens to the sensor and IMHO, the lx100 really doesn't disappoint. I originally...
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    Fuji 27/2.8 - Second Time a "Charm"

    The 27 is just about permanently on my xe1 :). The 16, 23 and 56 seem to get all the rave reviews followed by the 35. Gary
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    Raw processors compared

    One thing I noticed was in Aperture, there is a raw preprocessing that can be added to processing pipeline. There is additional fine tuning for sharpening that u can do. He used the normal sharpening tools, which I guess he did to keep everything uniform in terms of the testing procedure. I...
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    Micro 4/3 For an LX100 - JJC ALC-LX100 Auto Lens Cap? Filter?

    I own the jjc auto lens cap. For me it works well. I use it w/ a uv filter attached. I also bought one for the 12-32 Panasonic as well. The jjc is design to work w/ a filter attached. If u don't use a filter, it is probably better to get the Panasonic version. Gary
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    Fuji The Fujifilm X series image thread.

    If u don't mind a two stage solution... There is Adobe camera raw that is a standalone program which converts a raw file to their dng file format that u can run thru LR. Gary
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    Sigma Advice please on a DP.

    U can batch process the files from 3xf to tiff.. My workflow for Merrill files - shoot jpg+raw - import the jpg into your photo editor for browsing and selection of the keepers - import the raw to same or separate directory where spp has access to it - select raw u want to back process in spp...
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    New Lightroom dehaze feature

    Sounds like the license server and one of your pc's had an exchange issue. There should have been a protocol acknowledgement hand shake between the two before final logout completed. The help desk should have been able to force a logout though. Anyway not a cc user, just a guess on my part...
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    Panasonic FZ1000 Vs. ILCs With Superzoom Lenses

    When I use the LCD screen tilt up method, I have never used such a long focal length. I tend to hold it away from my body, so that no part of the camera touches me, however, I use my arms to tension creating a triangle between the support of strap around my neck and the two points where my hands...
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    Panasonic FZ1000 Vs. ILCs With Superzoom Lenses

    Have fun w/ the fz1000.. There are common features in many of the Panasonic cameras like the 4k picture mode (if I remember correctly).. Normal movies are 16:9 aspect ratio and the Panasonic will,allow u during playback to extract an 8mp jpg (lx100 can't remember about fz1000). But the 4k...
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    Panasonic FZ1000 Vs. ILCs With Superzoom Lenses

    Sue, I recently acquired a lx100. It ended up retiring my Fuji x100 and Panasonic lx3. Both zoom ranges should take care of around 80% or more for most people. It's the super wide or the tele end where it could be an issue for some people. Given u already have the Nikon One system, have u...
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    effing blown highlights Luke.. Here is a good writeup on the xe2 dynamic range... I most likely applies to all the Fuji x cameras. I shows the effect of changes due to changes in the dr value. Which should work for raw or jpg as final output. It also shows other things...
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    Sony Showcase Sony A7 and 7r Image thread

    Serhan Thanks for posting about the Contax. Overall how would u rate the new adapter compared to other mirrorless Sampras such as m43 or x100 or a7 using native lenses. Of all the shots I liked the last the best. Gary
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    Sigma Sigma dp2 Quattro JPG and raw testing

    Two methods 1 - menu - camera settings - second tab - image quality --> raw or raw+jpg Image size --> low 2 - qs button - use the same setting for the image quality and size icons Gary
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