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    Canon Getting ready for bed.

    Just after the storm.
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    Canon Lens collar loose

    Mine moves a tiny tiny bit and if I shake it hard it rattles just a tiny tiny bit too.
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    Canon Unloading

    Being a truck driver this is what I do. It supports my photography habit.
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    Canon Sinner

    Just bent at the elbow.
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    Truck'in America

    Lunch break a couple days ago. Grass Lake along US 97 in California.
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    Canon Grass Lake

    Nice little place to stop on US 97 north out of Weed.
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    Truck'in America

    I hope not. He's in an International.
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    Truck'in America

    I could literally post these all day long. Probably part of tomorrow too.
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    Truck'in America

    Not many jobs where you can tell your boss to kiss your butt and he'll just say thank you.
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    Canon Typical evening home.

    It was a good night to just look out the window and have a good cigar.
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    Canon Typical evening home.

    For this road warrior.
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    Canon Pinball Wizard

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    Canon Sinner

    One of my fellow drivers. Same company.
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    Canon Sinner

    Tough shot with the light I had but the G1X was up to the task.
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    Canon Another tree.

    I had a hard time leaving the big rig in the truck but wanted to see how well the G1X handled things I've shot before along I-70 in Utah. Perfectly happy with the results.
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