Glen Barrington

I was trained as photographer in the US Air Force in 1968. Eventually, I left photography and entered the computer business because I was disenchanted with the quality of my photos and felt that cameras were preventing me from experiencing my life. Everything in my life was filtered through the viewfinder of a camera. A price I would have happily paid if I had considered the photos I was producing worth the price! I now find myself returned to photography and I'm working far more slowly and deliberatively than I did before. I think digital has made me a better photographer.

I'm currently using an Oly E30 and an Oly E500, but I just can't seem to get interested in micro 4/3s or its current competitors. I want an OVF that can't get lost!! I'm very tempted by the Fuji X10, though that proposed Fuji Mirrorless ILC sounds pretty interesting. So I'm waiting, trying to figure out where I want to go. I know I want less. . . stuff. I recall fondly my Yashica Mat Not a lot of accessories available, certainly few I could afford, just me and my camera, I liked that.

Motocycles, Photography, reading
Reading, PA, USA
Data Warehouse analyst, moving into Cloud computin


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