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    Fuji When to switch on the IOS in the XF18-55

    It's interesting that when I first got the 18-55 a few years back I found the IOS made images less sharp so I never turned it on, however the latest firmware has improved the IOS to the point that I leave it on all the time (I don't use a tripod very often).
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    Fuji When shooting vertically...

    Leica instructions from the 1950s. I usually use the method on the right.
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    Leica Coldest weather?

    Tough little cameras. From Leica News and Technique 1936.
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    Fuji Viewing with Adapted Lenses

    It's worth noting that with lens of longer focal length which would produce a small view frame in the OVF you can enlarge the frame by holding the front VF lever for a second rather than the quick flick to change to EVF.
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    Yorkshire Moors 2012

    Lovely pictures. I hope you avoided catching a dose of Wuthering Heights.
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    Fuji Viewing with Adapted Lenses

    You can use the OVF for framing (set lens focal length in the menu) but to focus you need the EVF to see the peaking highlights. It works like this; frame scene using OVF, press thumb wheel to bring up a magnified EVF, adjust focus until you see the blinkies, press thumb wheel to get back to...
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    Leica Budapest

    Nice picture. The colours look great with this scene. The frame looks similar to one found in Snapseed (a Google product). Snapseed is free and is available on iOS and Android. There was an earlier version that ran on Mac but is no longer supported. Snapseed was developed by Nik software and...
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    Leica This guy has many fascinating things for sale

    I recently bought a camera similar to this Leica, it was made in Germany to masquerade as a Soviet Fed. Very rare, it cost me a huge 15 quid.
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    Leica Jupiter-8M 53mm — NOT Kiev, But: LTM!

    Fast Zebra Made in USSR JUPITER-8 50/f2 LEICA FED Zorki M39 Lens + Box! | eBay There seems to be a number of these LTM 8-Ms including the one above which has an obvious Industar body. It will be interesting to see how yours performs.
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    Leica Jupiter 8 with 18 aperture blades?!

    I have a 1956 Jupiter-8 which has 9 blades and the focussing tab. I had a quick look in Pricelle's - The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviets cameras but couldn't find an obvious mention of an 18 blade version of the J-8. The only mention I could find on the net referred to a 16 blade...
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    1 MP photo from 1998

    My first digital camera was a 640 x 480 (0.3 megapixel) obscure make that had no lcd only an optical vf. The images were rubbish.
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    Show "Flowers"

    Spring is springing.
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    Sony Deleting card images

    If you are downloading from the SD card using a card reader do not delete or format using the PC, return the SD card to the camera and format it from the camera menu.
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    The result of overnight carnage in my back garden. iPhone 5s
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Are you sure he wasn't looking for his snowballs? ⛄️
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