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    Thinking aloud about a go-everywhere pocket camera

    How about bigger pockets...
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    From this evening.
  3. Evening front

    Evening front

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    Mom is in the kitchen. Boy, I am glad I have a black dog--so easy to photograph, especially in low light. RX-1 @ f/2.
  5. Looking at mom in the kitchen

    Looking at mom in the kitchen

    RX-1 @ f/2
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    Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s - A Comparison (long!)

    Actually, it was not objective fact. It was simply an equivalency model and an implied assumption there is some ideal DoF or shutter speed or whatever, which would actually be subjective. How a camera is actually used is very relevant and this is where equivalency models come up short. I doubt...
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    Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s - A Comparison (long!)

    Sorry Amin, equivalency does not work in practice. I never think how do I get the DoF or shutter speed of another format other than the one I am shooting with. There is no "right" DoF for any situation. I will use the camera to its advantage regardless of another format. And the difference in...
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    Recommendation for superzoom compact

    Since this is a one-time deal, why not rent the equipment?
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    Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s - A Comparison (long!)

    Even with the unique X-Trans filter array, I can't get that it would get red from blue, but I really don't know--is it because a single channel hits saturation?? I don't think it is a RAW/jpeg thing as a jpeg is just a converted RAW in camera. The more I think about it, the more it must be the...
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    Nikon Nice lens - pity about the sensor ...

    So, you would want a bad lens in front of the sensor?
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    Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s - A Comparison (long!)

    Very nice review, especially since you really have two very different cameras. Ray, the fountain images have very different color, particularly for the neon (?) lights in the building. Are the lights different colors as the RX-1 seems to render? Will changing the Fuji WB to match, are the...
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    Leica Did I drink the Leica Kool-aid...

    How else would he get a picture of his son holding an M8, unless of course he has an M...
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    Recommendations for digital camera with really great panorama capabilties?

    For in-camera stitching, the RX-1 does good job. For stitching in post, any camera will work. I prefer stitching in post.
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    Sony TCSTV looks at the Speed Booster

    Chris, excellent as usual. The eye-shape out-of-focus point sources at maximum aperture will also be present on a full-frame camera with the same lens. That is simply because of mechanical vignetting in fast lenses. I don't know of a lens that will not do that at maximum aperture. It is not...
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    Sony Optical zoom or crop?

    But this is the thing, there are photographers that never crop. So, when is "sometimes"?
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