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    Sony Surprise: RX10 for My Birthday

    it might be a 4 years old design, but you can't improve much when they got it so right in the first instance. Here in the UK it is £629 (original price over £1000) so is one hell of a bargain. Only had mine about 4 to 6 weeks but loving it. You might like to read a few reviews (lots on youtube...
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    Sony rx100v camera RAW ??? what the hell is going on !!!!!

    Only had my Sony RX10 for about a month, but would agree with your observations wholeheartedly. My other cameras are Oly OMD10 and Panasonic G5. As I only shoot in raw, the less I have to manipulate an image to get it how I want, the better. As this camera is now 4 years old with two newer...
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    Have I gone completely mad? (Sony DSC-RX10)

    Thanks for your positive messages guys, much appreciated. Blown away with image quality, far better than I could had imagined or hoped for. I have among my other kit an Olympus omd- m10 and just love it, but had to add a third party grip to make it more comfortable to use. Reading a lot of...
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    Have I gone completely mad? (Sony DSC-RX10)

    Just bought a (new) Sony DSC-RX10 (yes! the original, not the mk2 or mk3) bridge camera. £629 with 2 year guarantee. I have and had, many 43 and m43 cameras starting with the E500 and have been more than happy with the format. So! why the change? Every time I go on holiday or even a day out for...
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    Expired For Sale: Metz 48 AF-1 digital flash for Only/Pan | Location: UK | Ships: UK

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Metz 48 AF-1 digital flash for Only/Pan What are your prices? £100 ono Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? UK Description super condition flash for Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 or...
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    Software help for editing newbie!

    Would recommend LR if you are serious about editing raw files. Having used virtually every raw developer out there, have found LR more intuitive to use. You can do most things without going to PS. ALL my editing is done through the developer module, you soon get used to knowing what you need to...
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