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    Ricoh Deck chairs...

    Beautiful tones and geometry.
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    Ricoh Wet ricoh gr

    You posted about this on dpreview days ago and got plenty of advice; most of it in the vein of "if it's fine, stop worrying about it and go shoot". What more did you expect here? - Wear (use) that camera like a badge of honour. - These aren't meant to last forever, so use it and when it fails...
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    Ricoh I was seduced by the color red

    I too was seduced by the red ring and strap. Luckily, I found it in-stock at Adorama last week (after taking delivery of my GR here in Canada). I placed my order and received ... a red strap and NO RING! :mad: What's worse, is that this is now discontinued: Ricoh Red Lens Ring and Red Leather...