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    Strolling through Ronda, Spain

    Great pics of place where it is hard to take a bad photograph. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thinking about new system: NEX or Micro Four Thirds? The now and the future?

    I currently have a NEX-5N and it does take great pictures AND video. The video was important to me. I do HATE the large lenses, though. I really envy the complete m43 lens line up. If the video from the new Olympus video is good enough, I might sell the 5N and pick up the Oly because it will...
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    Sunset image and an eagle nest

    Great shot of the eagle. That sunset, is WOW !!! It looks like something from National Geographic. Great work.
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    APS sensors vs. m4/3?

    I currently use APS (Sony NEX-5N), however I'm considering switching to m43. Why? Because of the lenses. The quality of many m43 lenses is excellent and so are is their value (mostly). My NEX takes fantastic pictures, but everytime I pull out the 18-55 lens, my wife gets that twitch about...
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    Sony NEX-5N at Phipps Conservatory

    This is first post where I actually attach pictures, so I apologize if they are not formatted correctly. I took my daughter (and new NEX-5N w/18-55 kit lens) to the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh on Monday (MLK day) as they just started their winter orchid show. I really do like the Sony...
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    Sony Shots of Ronda itself NEX 5N + 16mm

    I love the two sets. My wife and I Love Ronda. Fabulous place. We stayed there about 11 yrs ago and I have some of those same shots. We stayed at the Parador that in a few of your pictures and walked many of those same streets. We had a hot air balloon ride over the city and I recently had...
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    Digitizing slides....

    I have used Larsen Digital to slide ~500 35mm film negatives, and they were excellent. I had a Pacific Imaging Prime Film PF3650u scanner which could scan at 3000 x 3000 and it still wasn't as good as what Larsen could do. I'm about to send them another ~500 negatives. Regarding TIFFS vs...
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    Expired Lx-5

    Woof, wow. Maybe the most impressive set of LX-5 pics I've seen. Very nice shots.
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    Ricoh GXR - Old Barn

    Love it. Something charming about old barns. Makes me all nostalgic.
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    Scanning Negatives, (films)

    My 2 cent.... I used a Pacific Image PrimeFilm 3650-U scanner to scan several hundred (~500 - 600) images. I scanned them at either 3000 or 4000 dpi. I was quite satisfied with the results until my wife suggested I send some slides to a professional firm for scanning. There is a noticeable...
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    Critique Wanted I don't know why I like it...

    Same here. Monet, Van Gogh. It is very classical looking. I immediately loved it.
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    Samsung The Tl500 goes to church (more than I do)

    This is a really nice set, and the fact that the camera allows you to take these hand held is a tribute to the lens and your ability to hold it steady. Since you also posted the your DP1 pictures, I'll mention that as much as I like these, the DP1 are even better. fantastic even. Of course, if...
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    Sigma First outing with the DP1

    I particularly like #3 and the "Sigma Look" flowering trees. Most of these have a real 3 dimensionality to it, that I absolutely love. Makes you wish someone like an Olympus or Panasonic would pic up the sensor and put it in a faster, easier to use camera.
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    Expired Classic Olympus C-7070 up on eBay

    I've listed my C-7070 on eBay if anyone is interested. I'm the original owner and it's in great shape with all original equipment including the box. Also including a FL-36 flash, Stofen bounce diffuser and small case. It's been great, but has been "collecting dust" lately (of course that's...
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    Micro 4/3 Leica 45mm Macro Elmarit

    Wow! Wow!!! These could be the most impressive insect shots I've ever seen. And they were taken with a m4/3. Wow.
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