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    Canon Miscellany from the good ole G12

    I recently pulled my G11 out of the closet and remain impressed with the images from on older, small sensor camera.
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    Challenge in April: Who's in?

    I tried this once before but failed to complete the challenge. Work got in the way then. This seems like a good time to try again. Probably Fuji X100s or XT-2
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    How to carry a Camera

    Take only one camera per day/park. I have been happy with either a bandolier type strap or a Domke gripper strap on one shoulder. If you are concerned about rain or water carry a shower cap or small plastic bag in a pocket to keep things dry when needed. Disney is for your family and creating...
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    Fuji New strap on the way for the X100T

    It is a nice looking strap. Despite my earlier comment I too have a tendency to accessorize my cameras.
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    Fuji New strap on the way for the X100T

    They may be perfect, but they are PRICEY as well. Domke straps for me - 1" wide on the Fujis, 1-1/2" wide on the Nikons. As a bonus, the straps match my bags.
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    Templates for Jewel case inlay

    Not sure if it still in the current version but there was a template in MS Word.
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    SiJ 2018 - Day One.

    I start each year with some outdoor activity. This year it was a longish hike in a nearby park. I decided to use my first image of the walk and the year.
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    Anyone game for a Single in January 2018 (SiG18) challenge?

    I’m new to this but interested so I have a few questions. Single camera, single lens, one photo per day, post every day? I would use a Fuji X100s and shoot OOC JPEGs. Joe
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    Another travel kit thread

    For traveling with more than one camera using different batteries I have a charger that accepts various battery plates. Here is an example Watson Compact AC/DC Charger with BN-V700 Series Battery C-2707K. Just buy the plates you need for your various batteries.
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