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    Fuji MARUMI Fuji filters | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling MARUMI Fuji filters Prices 40mm Marumi DHG, $15 62mm Marumi DHG, $27 Location USA Ships to USA Description I recently scored the Fujifilm Super EBC Filters in 52mm and 62mm, and am selling the Marumi DHG Clear...
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    Fuji Guess what I got for my 50th

    Just please, don't start a rant about STICKY SHUTTER BLADES. Happy Five-Oh !!!
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    Fuji Fuji X10 New for $299 at B&H

    What a terrific deal. Now buy 2 extra batts, make sure you're V2.0 in the software (if you've got the Q-Menu when you push the RAW button, it's already onboard), and have a ball. For me, the lens alone is worht $299, what a gem. BTW, it makes a great motorcycle travel camera.
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    Fuji Showcase X-S1 sample images

    I never understand why this little monster is overlooked; certainly if you're into 'bridge' cameras, there's nothing better. Everything else feels like a plastic toy. I'm very disappointed that it won't be continued, but will be very interested in Sony's new RX10, a camera which Fuji could...
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    Fuji APS-C with a good fixed zoom...

    My more technical cohorts always point out that this would be a pig, size-wise, but . . . . . if Fuji could replicate the X10/20 lens on the X100S body, sheesh, I'd buy THREE of 'em.
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    Fuji Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

    I think this is going to sell like hotcakes, but Fuji, please go one better: Make an X-Instax: You know, f-stops, shutter speeds, etc. I'll be the first in line !
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    Rising Sun, Morning Mist

    Absolutely Killer.
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    Trees by Fading Light

    Polished up pretty well. SOME day, Fuji may crack the algorithm that would make the 'Velvia' preset in these cameras worthy of the name. It will run away with itself pretty quickly, though I do find on really gray days, it can be just the thing. That the scene has to be THAT gray for it to be...
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    Fuji Showcase X-S1 sample images

    I (happily) own an X-S1, and I'll be the first to admit it takes a lot for me to get close to DX or FX quality: It's just the relative disadvantage of the smaller sensor. Nobdy is trading in their D7000 to buy one of these for image quality. It's very good for what it is, but just like the...
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    Fuji Has the Bubble Burst?

    Kirk's 'Visual Science Lab' is one of my regular Web-stops. As a rank, non-professional amateur who only shoots as a hobby, I would tend to agree with his posits in this column. For the 90% who shoot pictures (your Moms, Pops, Grandmothers, girlfriends, etc.) with point+shoots, the cellphone...
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    Fuji X20 at $599 or X10 at $379?

    For me, the X10 NIB at $379 is a no-brainer: That's a steal. You can make great pics with either camera, but they are essentially two different cameras: I think of them like buying the same car with either a gas or a diesel engine. If this guy is quite a ways along in his digital...
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    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    Thought I'd include this, a terrific website with lots of car photography of most all kinds of 4-wheeled diversion: Car Culture at Large - Speedhunters Very photojournalist driven. Type in 'photography' in their search window and there's lots of great how-to's for shooting cars, etc.
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    Denver Tree Rat

    I also have gray-suited thieves in my yard as well . . . . . All X-S1.
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    Fuji X10 to X20 - Is it worth upgrading? A PERSONAL view...

    The easiest way to think of the X10 and the X20 is to think of an automobile (this is easier in the EU) that's available with a roughly horsepower-equivalent gas or diesel engine. The X10 is EXR-based. After the massive problems they encountered with it, it was a no-brainer that the 10's...
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