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    GAS What was your best purchase of 2021?

    Insta360 One X2. A workhorse for my motorcycle reviews.
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    Smartphone Cell Phone Camera photos

    Nice stuff and good captures! What dealership is that? The Pixel 6 Pro's camera is quite good but it does tend to overbake things in challenging light. I tend to shoot RAW + JPEG but haven't done much with the RAW files yet. You have to push them quite hard to replicate the phone's JPGs...
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    Thanks, Sue. I just got the V2 used to pair with the zoom. It's a nice, compact kit with long reach.
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    Walk with the Nikon 1 V2 with the 70-300CX lens
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    Replace my Desktop with a Laptop?

    Also try pressing and holding down power button for 60 seconds
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    Yup. And cameras still have the connectivity of cameras, i.e., rubbish. I used to carry a small point-and-shoot or small M43 setup on motorcycle assignments for those chance shots. But I've stopped doing that because phone cameras are now capable of publishing-ready images.
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    These last two photos show why phones have decimated the small sensor market. One is taken with the J5 with a sensor similar to the RX100 IV. The other is taken with the Google Pixel 6 Pro The Nikon 1 system still has the benefit of lens choice, super zoominess, and fast AF. That's my...
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    News Ricoh Pentax to "Move Away from Mass Production?"

    LOL I think I got you beat: Pentax K-01 Pentax Q Nikon 1 Plus Pentax APS-C and M43.
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    Playing with the V2 + 70-300 CX on a cold winter night.
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    Nikon Showcase Nikon 1 Samples

    Just got a V2 to use with the 70-300 CX lens. Lots of zoom in a small package. Justice atop the Somerset County NJ Courthouse by John Flores, on Flickr Small Town Somerville by John Flores, on Flickr
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    Nikon 1 V2 with a Nikkor AF-S 55-200 VR II

    Nice. I just got a V2 to pair with my native 70-300. The J5 has a better sensor but using long lenses with it is a PITA, even with a rear LCD loupe.
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    Show "Bicycle"

    Ghost bicycles remember the places where bicyclists have been killed. The one is on H Street in Washington DC
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    Smartphone Cell Phone Camera photos

    After Pinkhassov.
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    Compact 1" cameras

    Nikon 1. Discontinued, which means there are good deals to be had. The J5 has the most advanced sensor of the bunch but doesn't have a VF. Happy passenger by John Flores, on Flickr The V1 was nice and with an EVF but was limited to 12 megapickles and some finicky handling, but had nice...
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    Tabs, pads and/or alternative means of datapower in the field. (Crosspost from Mu43)

    LR CC is built for this situation. While on the road, you can manage anf edit using the tablet app and then once you are home, the tablet can upload to the cloud and then your home computer can take it from there. Depending on how many photos you take, there will be some latency as things...