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    Sony Small backpack for sony nex gear ?

    Try the Kata 466i. I use it with a Nex 7 kit. It is light weight, built-well, has a 13 inch capacity laptop compartment, as well. Fits under an airline seat easily and can accommodate a tripod when needed. Overall, a versatile backpack that can be over-stuffed when needed but carries light...
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    Signs of Fall.

    Late Afternoon Fall Sun @ Great Falls National Park, Virginia E-P3 & 45mm f/1.8 E-P3 & PL 20mm
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    Color portraits and or photographs of people

    E-P3 & PL 20mm
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    Color Efex Pro 4

    I had pre-paid for an upgrade and got my email yesterday. Very much worth the upgrade price of $99.00 (USD), imho. Additional filters, history feature, ability to add image frames, ability to stack and add filters without leaving the program, and a feature to save the filters into a "recipe"...
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    Joe McNally Presents: A 9/11 Remembrance, In Pictures

    As we near the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, one of the most poignant articles I have read that should resonate with all photographers is the story told by professional photographer Joe McNally in the linked blog post. There is a video embedded in the post that is very moving and well produced...
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    Leaving Micro 4/3... But what for?

    Stratokaster, As Don mentioned I had a 60D, and it was a great camera. I actually sold it and moved to a T3i/600D when it came out and have been very pleased with that camera. The move was mostly subjective and mostly because I wanted a little smaller form factor as I travel with the camera...
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    Canon New Canon S95 Help !!

    The flash does not pop up when it is off. I have the Richard Franiec grip which just becomes part of the camera once easily installed. Can't comment on the Flipbac, as I have never used one. Good luck.
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    Micro 4/3 G3: White Water Kayaking at Great Falls, Virginia (12 images)

    Thanks for the kind words. The park is a bargain at $5.00 (USD) a day per car or $20.00 a year. Other than some summer weekends, it is never too crowded, On some weekday visits in the winter, I have been the only one there, other than the Park Rangers.
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    Canon "Up Close and Personal with Janet Jackson and the S95"

    Another concert shoot with the Canon S95 from photographer Terry White. Review: Up Close and Personal with Janet and the S95
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    Micro 4/3 G3: White Water Kayaking at Great Falls, Virginia (12 images)

    I had an opportunity to borrow a friend's G3 kit for a few hours the earlier this week. I took it out to the Great Falls National Park in Virginia located on the Potomac River about 10 miles up from downtown Washington, DC. I have taken a great number of pictures there over the past few years...
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    Fuji In the coffee shop today

    I think when the pictures were taken the intent was not to compose an image that was going to be entered into a photo contest. It was merely to please the person taking the photograph and to capture something they was interesting and to serve as a staring point to taking images with their new...
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    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Lobster Traps, Gloucester, Massachusetts X100
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    The Weekly Challenge for August 12th - 17th

    Boeing Stearman PT-17s Olympus E-P2
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    The Glorious Summer of 2011

    Gull Lake, Nisswa, Minnesota Fuji X100
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    Apple Aperture

    Heather, Aperture, like iPhoto is a non-destructive editor and your edits are made on a duplicated version and your original master image remains intact should you need it at a later time. Aperture is a step up and a little more complicated than iPhoto and there is a bit of a learning curve...
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