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    Sony Sony Nex 20mm F2.8 coming

    I think the 20mm 2.8 is a compromise of many things: 1) Sony's starting to sort of understand that people want pancake primes. 2) they are still unable to produce very competitive lens designs on their own (Canon and Fuji have good 22mm f2 and 23mm f2 with a similar size) 3) their own Zeiss...
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    Fuji Do you think I could live with an X100 ??

    From what I've seen of your work, the X100/X100s is the last camera I would recommend to you.
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    Fuji Snow scenes

    DSC01766 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01769 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01778 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Fuji Snow scenes

    It's snowing heavily in Paris, for the first time this winter. Night shot with the Rx100. DSC01728 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    DSC01658 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Fuji Introduces New X100S - Claims Worlds Fastest Autofocus

    FG X100s - Hands On Preview - YouTube They've done it right! They've done the auto-ISO right! (from 6m50s)
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    Pentax MX-1 enthusiast compact announced

    Do they really have to put those disgusting green and red buttons/leds on all their cameras?
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    Sony A couple of RX100 night shots

    RAWs converted to JPEG in LR4. Base ISO, no PP. DSC01572 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01574 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Sony How to turn off "horizon indicator"?

    Just press the DISP button once ("up" position on the back dial) and you're done.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens

    Amazing PP work, Ray.
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    Everest Gigapan

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    any New Year's resolutions?

    1. Plan and complete a photography project of some kind that I can be proud of. 2. Stop procrastinating :smile: 3. Travel more often.
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    Sony Quick comparison : RX100 vs EOS 7D vs IXUS 870

    IMHO RX100 in JPEG and RX100 in RAW are like two different cameras.
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    Show Landscape

    DSC01365 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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    Winter & Holiday 2012

    DSC01547 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01543 by julienmartlet, on Flickr DSC01542 by julienmartlet, on Flickr
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