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    Fuji 18-55 f2.8-4 zoom - Removed From Fujifilm website

    I guess my copy of the 1855 is still my favorite zoom lens ever, all the way from 18 to 55mm. Just compare this "kit lens" to Sony's standard zooms for e-mount, including the blue label glass (build quality, performance, ...) and you get a pretty good idea on who you're dealing with in each case.
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    I've had the 23/1.4 for a while, terrific lens but a bit on the large side. Back in the day I've travelled for years with nothing but an 35/2 Nikkor on my F3 but these days I prefer the flexibility of the 1855 for an all-day walkaround lens. I somehow miss the 23 and my X100t though.
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    As I've said my first two copes left a bit to be desired, my current 18 sure isn't the sharpest lens there is either but it's no slouch and sharp enough for 99.99% of what I shoot :) . The 1855 is even sharper at 18mm, especially stopped down but the field curvature is even more pronounced on...
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    ... only 2 lenses to choose? 1855 or 18/2 + 35/1.4 or 45/2 Contax G or any of my remaining not too clinical nifty 50s
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    X-Pro1 / 18mm
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    I wouldn't be too concerned about that, Tony. I'm on my third copy of the 18mm, the first two suffered from decentering but this one is just fine and sits on my X-Pro1 most of the time. It has excellent colors, contrast and micro-contrast, even wide open and I've never had any issues with the...
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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Color: Words/No Words

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    Film FiF 17 - Matt

    My favorite 100ASA B&W emulsion after they had ditched Neopan SS. Anyway, I still have 50 rolls of some of the last available SS somewhere, not enough for a lifetime but more than enough to occasionally remind me how good it is (was). Have fun, guys!
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    Film FiF '17 - Jose

    Thanks for the pm, I'd really love to join the party but alas I don't have a scanner here - got to wait for the next turn.
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    Just buy whatever you need/want/prefer/... and don't forget to add some glass.
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    Monochrome in Greenland

    Well done, Chris. Happy trails!
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    Film Portraits of Your FILM Gear

    Beautiful camera and lo and behold ... a Seiko Dive Master, one of my favorite watches. I've got the same model; it's build like a tank, almost indestructible and I really don't mind if it catches some scratches here and there.
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    Beach b&w

    You could change their relative positions and whatnot forever but I like it as it is and wouldn't change anything. YMMV.
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