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    Sony Lookie what Santa brought me....

    Enjoy the new cam! I'm still loving mine.
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    Accessorizing the Sony RX100 to Make it Comfortable in Use

    Just received mine and have to say I love it. I have always shot with a soft release and really missed it when I picked up the RX100. It never occurred to me that they would have stick ons! Thanks for the heads up Amin.
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    Accessorizing the Sony RX100 to Make it Comfortable in Use

    I just ordered some soft releases, thanks for the link Amin.
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    Sony How do I shut off the graphical shooting mode splash screens?

    Under the wrench icon in the menus, tab 2, second entry down, "mode dial guide", set to off.
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    Sony Clicking sound on my new RX100?

    I don't here the clicks wide open but the auto focus does make noise.
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    Sony Edinburgh with the RX100

    Very nice pics!
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    Sony Macro shots

    You don't need the Macro setting. The RX100 can focus at it's minimum (ie: macro) distance in any mode. So shoot as you normally would with whatever control you want over the settings in any mode.
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    Sony Clicking sound on my new RX100?

    Is just a single very low "click click" that occurs after focusing each time you half press? If this is what you are hearing (same on mine), it is the aperture stopping down. If you listen closely, it occurs when you release from the half press as well, when the aperture opens again.
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    Sony Goofy RX100 watercolor filter

    You can though, shoot RAW+JPG and then after the fact (which is where I play with it) use Watercolor and Illustration while in viewer mode. Menu - Img View tab #2 - Picture Effect
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    Sony Sony RX-100 User Thread

    3rd party batteries and chargers are available on ebay for around 20 dollars delivered. DSTE 2PCS 1450mAh NP-BX1 Battery + DC134 Charger for Sony DSC-RX100 Camera NEW | eBay It doesn't support a wired shutter release or infrared. There are non threaded set ups available, though I haven't tried...
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    Sony Nd filter

    Carryspeed ships to the UK.
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    Sony Nd filter

    Actually i dont think they are available yet. They had the same thing when the cpl filters were being made. Sign up to be notified when they are available and you'll get in on the ground floor!
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    Sony Nd filter

    Check these out; MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring by Carry Speed | Carry Speed Store
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    Sony Nd filter

    The 42mm CPL filters are in stock again; NEW MagFilter CPL (Circular Polarizer) Filter by Carry Speed | Carry Speed Store