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    Ghibli coming to Netflix

    Unfortunately here in the US the streaming rights were bought by HBO and will be exclusive to their HBO Max service. 😕
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    Computer-Oriented Jokes...

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    Vision 2020 Thread the Second - January 11- 21

    {Note to self: Start pulling the dates from the EXIF so we can identify any Cameraderie community members who are time travellers!}
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    PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera at CES 2020

    You had me curious.... yeah, in 2020 you'd think anything drone related would have the video up & front center in their PR instead of just a static image. Here's the only one I found so far after poking around their corporate site...
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    PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera at CES 2020

    {reads press release...} Wow, that's a lot of buzz words to say "Drone that can be used as a handheld also and has face recognition & tracking capabilities."
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    Why we should pay for Flickr.

    Any suggestions if there is anything we can do to guide them back here? 🤔
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    Vision 2020 Thread the First - January 1- 10

    That's an interesting looking building; is there any information available about it?
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    Announcement Cookies Reset - 2020 Jan 9

    This evening we reset the prefix used for the Cameraderie cookies. When you visit again you'll need to log back in again. Sorry for the interruption, it's just some minor virtual house cleaning to help with making sure each site on the server remains within its own sandbox.
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    Computer-Oriented Jokes...

    For any guy getting married, their #1 bit of advice that they should be given is to install this application immediately after the honeymoon. #2 bit of advice would be to upgrade their television hardware for the "DVR" component; trust me on that one. ;)
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    Computer-Oriented Jokes...

    I've always been the latter but, thanks to XenForo, I'm slowly turning in to the former. D'oh!
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    Computer-Oriented Jokes...

    It's all in good fun (it's why we don't have "negative" points turned on, only positive & neutral). Besides, if nothing else I can now expect a bunch of 'groan' reactions to my rambling posts in the team forum. 🤣
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    Computer-Oriented Jokes...

    If you find one over at' I'll add it. :D
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    Welcome to Cameraderie! 😊

    Welcome to Cameraderie! 😊
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