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    For Sale For Sale: Leather half case for fujifilm X-S10 | Location: Other | Ships: World

    @supriseoka Would you mind adding any photos of the actual item for sale? Even some quick snaps from your phone would be good, that way any potential buyers will know exactly what the condition is of the item. Thanks :)
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    The Christmas 2020 Thread

    At the moment the easiest way would be to upload it to YouTube and then embed the link. I usually flag mine as 'unlisted' so they don't show up on YT but can still be embedded in the forums.
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    The Christmas 2020 Thread

    When do the Aussie's usually put up the decorations? At least in this area the traditional date to light 'em up is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving (for the US, the 4th Thursday in November). This year were some really early displays but I think this year it was understandable.
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    Coronavirus 2020 🤧

    Also in the NE (about 25 NE of Philly) and the local stores were wiped out of bananas 🍌 and a lot of shelves were wiped bare of stuff like frozen vegetables, ice cream, waffles, and other pre-made consumables. Most stores are back to normal with their stocks but frozen vegetable selections...
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    Sports Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    In my head I see myself riding either that or the throwback style one posted by @Mr_Flibble. Unfortunately I know that in reality I'd end up with one of them little scooters because I'm a geek and I'd spending a ton of cash on an old Honda Helix with a body kit to make it look like the bike...
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    Sports Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    You guys/gals are making me think I need to get a scooter. :D Not sure if a "serious compact" but still welcome at Cameraderie. ;)
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus: Agree to Disagree 😧

    If there are any males you know who argue against wearing masks then, good news, there are some possible long term side effects of catching COVID-19 that may help them change their mind. 🤣...
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    The Amazing Emporium of Wondrous Tunes (aka: What are you listening to?)

    2020 has been a rough year but really it seems to be more of a final culmination of the past several years starting in 2016. Too many funerals, family setbacks, and reminders that time never stops. Today is Thanksgiving in the US and it's a sunny day. As I sit by the window, with my dog in my...
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    Home Cooking? Recipes in a time of Quarantine!

    I'm loving this thread. 😎 Dude, you are so bringing me back to my days of youth. My Mom would make some big pots of chili and then buy some plastic containers from the local deli so that it could be shared with friends & family. As my brother & I got older we branched off into making our...
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    Happy Birthday! :)

    Happy Birthday! :)
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    Coffee addiction? ☕ Try FreshPotix, endorsed by Dave Grohl

    It's an addiction, my coffee consumption is that of an uncultured swine. ☕🐖 But, nothing else withstanding, the disposable cups are convenient as this has been a crazy year and I've been having to do a lot of errands during the day so I can drink & go. On the plus side it's been saving me...
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    Coffee addiction? ☕ Try FreshPotix, endorsed by Dave Grohl

    Lately I've been wondering if I drink too much coffee (like, way too much) and thought that maybe it was actually an addiction. Dave Grohl was known for having a reliance on coffee and at one point was drinking up to 5 *pots* of coffee a day. These days though he has cured his addiction thanks...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus: Agree to Disagree 😧

    PSA: Masks aren't meant to protect the wearer from getting sick, they help to reduce others from getting sick from the wearer.
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    Film I am casually intrigued by this liquid filled lens panoramic lomo camera.

    Oooh, Halloween ghost stories! 👻 "... and to this very day some say if you put your lens coffee cups down and listen really, really carefully you can still hear the OP!😳”
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    Queen's Wayfarers Short Trips #1 Twice Shy now available for pre-order!

    Don't forget to post the Amazon link when it's available! :) Speaking of Amazon... I was searching the US & UK sites for the title (see if there was a pre-order yet) and noticed that you're using two different photos and slightly different bio's.... on purpose or haven't updated one of them...
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