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    Some Graphs Just Make It Clear

    Two things... THING ONE - Sorry/not sorry to nit pick, but using two different scales (really splitting these into 2 different axes, period) is bull$ht. It makes me angry, because it’s needless manipulation of the viewing audience. They’ve made two curves look to be of similar size, ostensibly...
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    Havasupai, XE3, SOOC

    Oh you've been? Cool! My wife stumbled across it by chance 20 years ago exactly. She said it's changed.
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    Havasupai, XE3, SOOC

    Ok, I’m back from a 2 week vacation, the first bit of which was to the Havasupai Reservation at the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Briefly… - Took only the X-E3, XF23 f2, and a ’69 Rokkor 55 f1.7. Rokkor got used for maybe 25 shots, but it was nice for those shots and I had the room for it, the 23...
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    Bike people, is this any good?

    No - run away. Heavy, budget spec, essentially a 30 year old bike -- but made MUCH worse than bikes were made 30 years ago. Nothing redeemable on that bike.
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    Fuji 16-80 f/4

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    Two Pump Chump 20th Anniversary show

    Some great gear on that stage. And a reminder that I had a Ren & Stimpy poster as a high schooler... I'd forgotten that.
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    Cyclocross - 2019 season

    Yeah. SUPER janky chop job, pretty awesome.
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    Cyclocross - 2019 season

    Just 1 weekend race left after this. Yesterday was fun. I "sucked my chain," meaning the chain derailed off the front cogs and got wedged between the frame and front cog. It was so badly lodged I had to flip the bike over, shift the front derailleur to move it over, then pull HARD to get it...
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    Micro 4/3 The Organ in the Koln Dom

    Maybe the most impressive building I've ever been in.
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    Your best three images from the last year.

    (first two are great!)
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    Trip to Japan

    A) I keep laughing at the mental (thank you for not capturing that one) image of watching your own puke plummet thousands of feet below you. B) That little folding Bianchi is crazy, I've never seen one before.
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    Your best three images from the last year.

    I'm notoriously bad at judging my own stuff. So who knows. But here are the three that jumped on quick review... Exactly 1 year ago today: wife giving birth to a little girl, as a surrogate for a French family who couldn't concieve or carry a child. This is the moment my wife handed her over...
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    VERY nicely done! That was a lot of work.
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    Cyclocross - 2019 season

    Second of all, I did not race this Sunday. Wife and daughter did, as always, but I had an odd mix of laziness and malaise about my recent shots. I haven't felt like I got anything really good in a few races. Maybe that's just an excuse to skip the hardest, most uphill course all year, but I took...
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