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    Expired Leica D-LUX5 with Pana LVF1 and handgrip

    I sell my Leica D-LUX5 with Pana viewfinder LVF1 and handgrip. I do not want to keep the handgrip or the viewfinder, so all-in-one for sale. I bought it one year ago for; D-LUX5: 699 euro Handgrip: 79 euro LVF1: 199 euro Total price: 977 euro Invoice available. I sell all together for...
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    Micro 4/3 I love it

    My mom always told me: Son, do not believe everything you see :biggrin: Anyway, it is something new and fresh :rofl: AND it is the D_LUX5 :wink:
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    Micro 4/3 I love it

    Yesterday I was reading on the Leica user forum and found this.... Color your D-LUX5 :biggrin: I love it, I love it, I always wanted my D-LUX5 in white edition, this is what I made of it :wink: FisherPrice edition :wink:
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    Where is Micro Four Thirds headed?

    I am surprised to read this. Everywhere you read good reviews about the 14-45mm cheap kitlens, even that it is the best kitlens available. You speak about a 24-70mm f/2.8 L, that is about 5 times the price, 5 times the weight and double of the length of the 14-45mm kitlens, ow yes, it is...
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    Micro 4/3 Panasonic LX / Leica D-LUX Image Thread

    It is snowing here from end of november, want me to send you some, or changes places with me, house-sharing? :biggrin: I warn you, my daughter can be a real pain in the ass, she throw snowballs all the time :yahoo:
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    Still getting used to smaller sensor - how to process this photo?

    BBW, I use lightroom now for 2 weeks, just playing with it, so I am not an expert, I just like to play (sometimes I am still a little kid :smile:) So I saw the topic starters request, saw people writing that it is not possible, and started to play with lightroom, sorry that I hijacked the TS's...
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    Still getting used to smaller sensor - how to process this photo?

    LR This is perhaps not what you want, but I took your jpg-file, imported it in lightroom, just made the left side unsharp, and the girl comes out better. You can easy and quick do that with every part of the picture, and set your own DOF. Just to give an example that you can easy set the DOF...
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    Micro 4/3 Panasonic LX / Leica D-LUX Image Thread

    Followed my dog outside, the snow killed my winterroses, I was so shocked that I took a picture from it with my Leic-a-Pan-a D-Lux5 :smile: My fingers were freezing of, now I wait till i get in Thailand :biggrin: [/IMG]
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    Micro 4/3 Panasonic LX / Leica D-LUX Image Thread

    Just in Belgium, but I like hot summers, that is all :biggrin:
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    Hi from Belgium

    Well, what can I tell? I love photography, I am getting older, my daughter is growing up fast, and I just never found enough time to one of my passions, photography, before. While getting older, a man start thinking about the priorities in his life, and that is absolutely not working 16 hours...
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