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    Micro 4/3 Olympus PEN-F shutter issue

    Mine too is suffering from similar problems but also I have reset it back to 'factory' specs and it still is happening. I can get it to work by removing and reinserting the battery and doing similar with a lens but then the screen goes black but shows the settings in the bar display at the...
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    Sony Worth Considering ? Sony RX1R

    Thanks for sharing your opinions.
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    Sony Worth Considering ? Sony RX1R

    Hi, Is the now 'old' RX1R a good used buy compared to other similar full frame compacts / I currently use a Pen-F with various lenses and wondered if the extra pixels would make a real difference, I don't mind the fixed lens as I feel it would provide me with a different way of looking and being...
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    Canon Showcase Canon G7X Image Thread

    Hi Ray, Thanks for this update, I can wait a while as i hope the cost of a G7X will drop again and become more affordable. I'd like to see / read a comparison test between the Canon and the Fuji X30 . Has anyone done this on any websites you know of ?
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    Canon Showcase Canon G7X Image Thread

    Hi Ray, Thanks for your honest views on this camera. it is one I've personally been waiting for to arrive on the market as the RX100 seems to have dominated this group but from all the reviews I've read about it from owners & users it seems to lack 'soul' and was not as well thought out as it...
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    Micro 4/3 EPL1 vs. the Stylus 1-- A unscientific comparison

    Hi, I too have this dilemma, I have an EPL-1 Twin lens Zoom kit and am seriously considering an upgrade to either a Stylus 1 ,or something similar, maybe an RX100 (?) to be my everyday camera or going to a more recent m4/3rds model, Oly or Panny ( even pre-owned )? I'm limited to a budget...
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    Olympus Olympus Stylus 1 Dramatic tone images

    Great images Andy ! I think this is one amazing little camera and very much overlooked by many especially in the reviews I've seen & read about it. However if you look at the very comprehensive and full test / review done by the Imaging Resource you'll learn just how very capable it is. it's on...
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    Micro 4/3 Going all retro, Panasonic GF1 with 105mm micro Nikkor

    Hi, Stunning photos ! What adapter did you use to connect the Nikkor lens onto your GF1 ? I'm interested as I'd like to consider using 'older' lenses on my G3 as they are more affordable than new Panasonic ones ! Many thanks.
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    Olympus Stylus 1

    There are also reviews / initial impressions at & if you are interested as this is yet another contender in the ever increasing ranks of 'serious' compact cameras to think about , especially as Christmas is fast approaching ;) More G.A.S problems to mull...
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    Fuji XF1 Arrived Today And...

    Thanks everyone, I'm hoping to try out an XF1 tomorrow, if there are any in stock as none of the local branches of Currys /PCWorld seem to have any ! Doh ! How can you try out any camera to see if you like its handling if there's none about ?
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    Fuji XF1 Arrived Today And...

    Can't blame you for being tempted....I am at this price too ! However I have some GAS choices to make, an XF1 or an more expensive ( & better camera ? ) XQ1, available soon here in the UK, or a LF1...or a GM1 to compliment my micro 4/3rds equipment ?????????? Too many choices! :confused...
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    Panasonic TZ40 ordered

    From the photos posted so far this seems to be a great little camera for everyday use. Is it better overall than the Sony HX20V or the previous TZ30 / 35 ? The touchscreen & other features might just swing the balance Panny's way.......I'm not concerned about WiFi / NFC, GPS or video...
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    Panasonic TZ40 ordered

    Hi Ghosthunter, How is your TZ40 working out ? I'm looking for a new-ish 'carry-everywhere' camera & so far its between the TZ30 / 35 / 40 & the Sony HX20V & maybe a Casio Exilim EX ZR 800. Can you lets us have your thoughts on the TZ40 & if it fits the spec for an 'everyday' camera...
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    Sony HX20V samples

    Hi Guys, I'm impressed by the OOC image from the HX20V you got, would you say it was a good 'everyday' camera & better than the HX30V ? Thanks.
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    Casio Exilim ZR series compact cameras

    Hi, I'm looking for a long reach zoom compact travel type camera & noticed the Exilim ZR 1000, 800 & 700 all have DNG RAW format along with JPEG.:eek: Are there any good reviews of these Exilim cameras to read up on to help me decide on which travel compact to try out beside the 'other'...
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