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    Because I have chickens, and lights

    Excellent! How on earth did you (a) catch them (b) get them to stay still long enough?
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    Fuji X-Pro3 and My Fuji Gear

    I'm a bit late coming into this discussion - apologies. My only contribution is that we should be cautious about applying logic to these decisions. Often with the best rationale we can think of, we wind up being disappointed at the end of the day. I'd suggest to sell off that which you really...
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    Fuji Winter, through my window...

    And this one taken this evening...
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    Last Sunday in March

    Hey Merlin - I really like pics 2 & 6. But I also think that your compositions are becoming more "interesting". (Please don't take that the wrong way!) I really like where you're going with your photos. Also, the X30 seems to be delivering slightly more contrasty pics, which I tend to...
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    Fuji Winter, through my window...

    It's been a dreary winter here in the NW of England. Grey skies of low-hanging cloud, bare-branched trees, dull light with not a shadow being cast, and a grey river flowing past our apartment. So when I fling open the curtains and find the sun has made a showing I grab the camera and snap a...
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    Early March

    I just love those deep blue skies. Took them for granted when we lived back in South Africa. Now we get to see those only a couple of times a year here in the UK.
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    Bamboo in the snow

    Bamboo is very invasive. Just like Fuji cameras...
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    Bamboo in the snow

    I remember when I was a wee lad, we had some very tall bamboo 'trees' growing in a clump on the path down to a little stream. They made a lovely sound in the wind as the wind whistled and swooshed through the leaves and the thick stalks would knock against each other like ancient gongs. Came...
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    The First of March

    Some very different compositions there Merlin. I love the closeups of the trees - particularly no's 2, 3, 4, 11, 12 & 16. I think you've found your 'sweet spot' lens!
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    Local Flooding

    Great reflections! (See - there's always a plus side!) Hope nobody was hurt. Weather patterns are indeed interesting I'm originally from Cape Town (South Africa) where they've had a drought for the last 3+ years. Water is predicted to 'run out' in April this year. Then water will be trucked...
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    Bamboo in the snow

    Just needs a teeny weeny little Panda face peering out at us! I do like the different leaf shapes.
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    Turquoise Eyes

    What lovely markings that feline has! Nice shots Merlin. #3 is my fave.
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    Love the moodiness of the first pic. They all seem to remind me of a Sunday evening in winter...end of a weekend.
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    Some work with my friend Dale Miller

    Love that last B&W pic. It's really intense. He's clearly a very physical guy who has to be focused at what he does. If I was looking for a stuntman; that one would clinch it! Great pics, all of them. Very nicely done Sir!
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    Fuji Greetings from NW England

    Thanks for the warm welcome All! Re the 18-135 lens - I bought that along with my X-T1 on a bundled special. I've used it for the last 3 years or so. Picture quality is excellent. It balances well on the X-T1 / T10 & T2. But I have large hands and have fitted the alloy handgrip to all my...
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