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    Nature Trees

    P1180286 by kleles, on Flickr
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    It's been 10 good years but it's time to bid farewell.

    I trust that you are being well followed, medically. I look forward to your visits here whatever their frequency. All the best to you, despite a not-so-great situation.
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    Nature Trees

    Logs on a Wire.
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    Nature Trees

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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    I can’t say ‘don’t get me started’—it’s too late. Sunsets, clouds, sky shots are among my favourite subjects. I won’t flood Cameraderie with my pics, but here is one more.
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Taken many years ago with my FZ20. Still one of my favourites.
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    SHOW Lighthouses

    If it’s an upright cylinder with a light on top, in a harbour, it’s a lighthouse, right?
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    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #26: Overlooked

    Learning about DoF with ‘new’ camera.
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    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    2002 Panasonic Lumix FZ20. My first digital camera after a one year photography hiatus after my (film) Nikon FM developed a light leak. It is fully functional, as are the two batteries I have for it. The batteries don’t hold their charge very long.
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    Show ships - vessels - boats - yachts - submarines - whatever ...

    Senj TG-427 by kleles, on Flickr
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    Show 'Insect'

    Bee by kleles, on Flickr
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    Fall colors

    The southern and central Maine and New Hampshire mountains were resplendent with autumn colours. As we travelled west and north more trees were bare and gave a grey, velvety sense to the scenery. The post-peak fall foliage is well represented in these shots taken at Crawford Notch, NH.
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    Beach/Ocean: Lets see yours.

    A clear night and rising almost-full moon drew me to Wells Beach to capture a ‘few' images. Being a landlubber and city dweller, I rarely see a well defined horizon, certainly nothing like the ocean’s. The first image was shot about 30 seconds after the moon’s first emergence, and the second...
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