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    fox kit

    my favorite is the first image with it's eyes closed. taken a few weeks ago at a local refuge. since then the refuge has decided to round up all of the foxes and move them. turns out visitors were feeding the foxes, which unfortunately makes sense to me considering how close i was able to get...
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    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #23: HOT!

    congrats pdurand
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    Fuji X-Pro3 first impressions

    perhaps it's stopping to take photos along the way.
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    Fuji any gfx users?

    initially i bought the 32-64 and an adapter for my canon lenses. but then i broke down and bought the 100-200 for a trip. don't regret that at all. both lenses are the sharpest thing i've ever used.
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    Fuji any gfx users?

    the gfx is a little slow focusing. no big deal when you're shooting landscapes.
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    Fuji any gfx users?

    for me it's too many places to visit and not enough days off work. but if i didn't work the mandatory ot i probably couldn't afford to travel.
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    Fuji any gfx users?

    any one using the 50r, 50s or 100?
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    Show ships - vessels - boats - yachts - submarines - whatever ...

    a few recent boat shots from iceland. this is the oldest steel ship in iceland. it was scuttled in the westfjords when it was deemed to be no longer seaworthy. an abandoned boat in arkranes. and this one dry docked on the hjalteyri peninsula.
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    Show: Churches

    found this place abandoned in north dakota. not much more info on it.
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    Dramatic B&W images

    grand teton national park. you know which overlook.
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    diamond beach and jökulsárlón - iceland

    photographed in iceland in september. it was a little breezy, but not cold that day. no where near as chilly as it looks in these photos. the waves drowned out most of the noise down on diamond beach. further away in the glacier lagoon you could hear cracks like gunshots or thunder as pieces...
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