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    Sony Original RX1 vs RX1r2 rendering, which is better?

    the RX1R II is a incredible beast, and much better then the original, which I love dearly and call a 'cult classic'. The focus is faster and just better on the RX1R II, and that sweet 42mp sensor just renders in such a sweet way, I own both, and when Sony makes a 3rd, I will buy that also.
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    the Cemetery image thread....

    Montoya New Mexico.
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    Memesagamesing Lake

    They are all nice shots but image #4 really caught my eye hepcat.
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    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

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    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

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    New York, again

    this thread is full of win!
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    Sweet Maybellene, my Twin Turbo Rockabilly Jukebox. Sony RX1R II, 35mm f/11, ISO50, 10sec.
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    Micro 4/3 Never Say Never

    that lens renders lovely on the E-M10.
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    Sony Big Sandy, Sony RX1R II and the HepKitty.

    I shot Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite boys last night. I took only one camera, a camera I hadn't yet tested in low light concert photography. But I was confident, as its predecessor has done me well and is very responsible for my signature look to my images. The Rx1 is magic for me, it is not just a...
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    Sony Rx1, 35mm f/2.5, ISO64, 1/2000sec.
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    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    my twin turbo GTO, sweet Maybellene..
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    Here is a image I want to share, now it isn't that great of a image, rather I was trying to see how low of a shutter speed I could hand hold with and get a useable file in terms of focus and sharpness. I have read in various forums that the high megapixel cameras will show camera shake more...
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