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    Dale was right!

    It's an issue unique to Olympus cameras up to and including the E-M5 when used in combination with Panasonic OIS lenses. The body and lens IS are separate systems and if both are turned on there is no lockout to prevent them from working concurrently as is the case in the later model cameras...
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    Dale was right!

    I hope that you didn't have both lens IS and sensor IS activated at the same time.
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    News Want to buy an abused photo outfit?

    Terms of a flickr pro account: Flickr Pro Also, flickr's official response to a Petapixel article published in late 2014 regarding the displaying of ads. If you do have a free account you can still direct people to look at you photostream and albums through a third party site like...
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    My Laos Family

    Wonderful story, thanks for telling it.
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    Fuji Livin' the Low-Fi Life

    Yes, I'll stick to the Latin American form of the language if I ever go to Spain, but there are regional variations there as well. For example the double L might be pronouced as a Y or a J depending on where you are. Phonetically it's a very easy language to learn, however (and like all...
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    Street Art in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

    I love this one because the surrounds are as big a part of the image as the artwork itself.
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    What photo import functions does your photo software have?

    Try a batch file renamer. See replies on mu-43
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    Street - London Brick Lane & Environs

    It looks like you've found your range with the shorter focal lengths.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus Pen-F announcement v.soon.

    I think that you meant to say, get a Panasonic body ;).
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    Micro 4/3 A question for OM-D E-M5 users

    You can assign AE-L to a button and lock the sky exposure first before focusing elsewhere. Conversely you can also assign AF-L to a button as Luke mentioned that allows you to use "back button autofocus" such that a half press of the shutter button is solely to set the exposure. M mode is also a...
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    Discussing Aperture equivalency (or something like that)

    To save you from de-railing this thread any further, think of what you've been told here as like learning theory at School or University. There is science behind it, but in a practical, real world situation it may or may not make all that much of a difference.
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    Ricoh GXR With A16 Module $269

    As much as I disliked Ricoh's compact camera inspired controls, there is still something compelling to me about the GXR. Maybe it is the semi-logical/semi-flawed "lensor" concept. I'm not too sure about the A16 zoom however as proportionately the two A12 primes are the best match for the GXR...
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    What's on your wishlist?

    My wish list would be: Silk Road, Mongolia, Patagonia, Australian Outback, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iran, Israel, African Safari, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Malta, Greece, Northern Italy, Easter Island,... Re-visit India, Nepal, Jordan, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore.
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    Canon Canon Forums Digital Photography Forums used to be a Canon-specific forum but some time ago they added a bunch of extra sub-forums for various other brands of camera. I think they were added because a lot of 5D owners kept moaning about (a lack of) dynamic range and were buying Nikon...
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