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    Leica Wrist Strap?

    If you want the best strap made, you need look no farther than Harry Benz: home
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    Leica Well said...

    The IIIg is on my shopping list. I have never had a screw mount Leica but have wanted one for a while now...
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    Leica Soft release for LTM

    If you are using a soft release, you must be careful with it. If the SR is mounted on your shutter release button, protect it from impact. I talked with Sherry Krauter about soft releases; she said that she had to repair a couple of film M cameras that had been dropped on their soft releases...
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    Leica Stuck filter - any tips on how to remove?

    Try one of these - or...
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    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    I do not own one of the bags designed by Adam Marelli, but here they are. They may not be for everyone, but they are an interesting alternative to the offerings from Billingham, Domke, Think Tank, etc. Adam Marelli x Slow Tools Bags Specs and Dimensions
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    Leica Vintage Leica Images

    @Graham, That is CRAZY sharp and contrasty for such an ancient lens!! Is your copy the f/3.5 version?
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    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    I just picked up a Tenba Messenger camera bag (#638-342) on Amazon. It is a perfect fit for one M camera w/lens attached and four other lenses plus a few accessories. This bag is really an outstanding design and the quality of materials and workmanship are excellent. This bag has been...
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    Leica m240 vs m246

    The M262 is an interesting alternative to the M240 and M-P. The main attraction to me is the absence of video capability, which IMHO the M240, M-P and 246 should never have been saddled with in the first place. The M262 is certainly worth considering - it will bring in new first time Leica M...
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    Leica Shooting India with a Monochrom

    BEAUTIFUL images, Dave! Congratulations! I do not feel for a second that your images have suffered because they were shot in B&W; I'd have to say just the opposite, in fact. Being shot in B&W sets them apart from the hundred billion color images of India that we have all seen. I would love...
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    Leica Black or Silver ?

    I have owned a black film MP and a black M240 in the past. At present, I own a black chrome M4-P and a Safari set M-P. I have never not liked the appearance of any of these cameras. I have never owned a chrome and black M body, but would like to; I like the classic old school look of these...
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    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    If I had a spare $50,000 I would buy a couple of new lenses and use the remaining $40,000 (ish) to travel the world and make photographs. to each his/her own, though.
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    Leica Range finder on the street

    I shoot with an M-P 240 and I have to say that I do not find myself longing for a tilt screen. The M240 and M-P 240 are cameras that have been designed to adhere to a design philosophy of minimalism which is as it should be IMHO. The more features that are added to a camera, the bigger and...
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    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    I recently picked up a Tenba mini messenger bag (,320_ ) which is my new favorite bag for an M body and a couple of lenses...
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    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    If I had an extra $7450 USD, I'd already be on the waiting list - but I don't. I can't complain, since I just traded for a Safari set...
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