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    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Chinese Arch Not posted for a while... Fuji X100 + 720nm Hoya filter
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    Micro 4/3 Liverpool's Last Rainforrest

    Not posted for a while...... Lumix FZ50 Full Spectrum conversion + 720nm filter
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    New compact.....

    I too thought it would be good to re-visit them in a few years...
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    A foray into the world of... Infra-Red

    I haven't looked at infra-red since I was a young lad, in the 70's, possessing a second-hand Pentax ME, and using 35mm film... I had some reasonable results from my B&W darkroom, but left infra-red and my ME behind as I moved onto the 80's... I now find myself revisiting the topic, but this...
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    New compact.....

    Well worth a look.... The camera that lets you decide your focus AFTER the shot - by taking every possible photo at once | Mail Online
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    Bruges at night

    Good collection
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    Just finished work on our Gite

    Just booked Venice 3 days ago.... But as my wife and I are 'Bird watchers'... have a passion for fine French Wines (Clarets especially)... and EasyJet fly from Liverpool to Bordeaux... this is really tempting for the future...
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    Show "Flowers"

    Went for a walk today in my lunch.... Lovin my new lens... lol.
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    Fuji Boats - X100

    good processing
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    Remind Me....

    Why we buy camera gear from 'reputable' High St Retailers... Could it be for range, guarantees, and reliability... or could it be to just get ripped off !!! Jacobs Digital Photography & Video Bought a £500+ lens from Jacobs Cameras 2 weeks ago..... wasn't happy with the quality, so my...
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    Congratulations to ...

    Stunning shot..... I'd be happy to hang that on my wall....
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    Greetings from Norway

    Hi from Liverpool/UK... welcome to the site
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