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    Fuji X100S - Full Wedding

    There are some beautiful shots there. Thank you for sharing!
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    Fuji My take on the X100S - a short review

    thanks for the reviews and the photos. It was a good read.
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    Walk around uptown

    Great images. I especially like the second one, it's got character! Thank you for sharing :)
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    X100 and X100S Black and White Image Thread

    This is on the X100, shot in Velvia mode and processed in Lightroom :) Venice (It's a bit tight) by Jannette Le
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    Old Broken Gate

    I do love that first image. Thank you for sharing :)
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    Fuji Your first photo with your new X.

    Oh! There are some great pictures here. I was so excited when I got my X100 that I'm pretty sure I took a photo of the carpet. Then my desk, then my foot... well, you get the idea :D
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    Fuji Lens hood for X100 - Anyone tried the JJC?

    I have the JCC hood at it matches my fuji. I bought it around the whole of Europe for two months and it stayed on my hip - the hood survived very well and with little damage, and protected my lens more than once! I would recommend it.
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    A trip to the Junkyard with the X100

    beautiful shots there :) thank you for sharing!
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    Share: Architecture

    There are some great pics here :D Keep it going everyone
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    White Night

    great photos! Love the processing, especially love the second. I went to white night too, and I was a little disappointed with the light shows - I felt that a whole lot more buildings could have participated. Instead of enjoying the night I spent most of it getting from my car (which I parked...
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    Anyone willing to show panorama shots?

    I posted this in the architecture thread but I thought this would be useful here too (it's a vertical panorama in the X100): The Pantheon
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    Red, Blue and........Poiple

    I just visited London and spent a large amount of time pointing excitedly and phone boxes, double decker buses and post boxes to the chagrin of my Londoner friends. A great, iconic piece of design, and lovely photos :)
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    Fuji What are your best tips for better photos?

    my tip would be to photograph, and photograph often. Use the camera and don't leave it in the box. Carry it with you, and photograph in all lights, situations, people, landscapes. You'd find what interests you, and understand your equipment.
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    Share: Architecture

    Now, if there was one handy thing that I learnt on my trip it was that if you don't have a wide angle - vertical panoramas work too! This was shot on the X100, and is an in-camera vertical panorama :) And here is an interior shot of the Maxxi Museum in Rome: "Maxxi Museum, Rome by Jannette...
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    Nightscape - London with X=E1

    Beautiful shots! On a slightly random note, I love the way you've posted the 3rd and 4th pictures, it kind of looks like I'm panning up in the image - if that makes sense! Look forward to seeing more :)
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