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    Fuji Daido Moriyama using X10 for Hong Kong Project
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    Fuji Fuji X20 Giveaway at

    Good idea getting the camera into someone hands.
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    Fuji High ISO comparisons X10 vs X20 ?

    Are there any comparisons yet ? I'm hoping the X20 is as good as the Sony RX100.
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    Leica Tell me I'm an idiot........ please!

    My response "It wasn't directed at any one person. I've been lurking and posting on this forum for a year + and the vast majority of people on here do nothing more than "upgrade" cameras without ever learning to use any of them. I wonder if they realize that they're the reason manufactures are...
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    Leica Tell me I'm an idiot........ please!

    You want the truth ? I'll give you the truth. For the last year I've been watching many so called photographers buy, trade and sell every new camera that comes down the pike yet never see any photographs. A 10 is not better than a 9 just because a manufacture says it is. Sensor size...
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    Ricoh The any GRD image thread.

    Try looking at the thread pinned to the top of this forum.
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    Ricoh Fun with Ricoh GRD

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    Kodak had secret nuclear reactor

    Kodak: Secret Nuclear Reactor with Uranium in Rochester, New York
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    Daido Moriyama to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award From ICP and book signing.

    I own an autographed copy of this. A fantastic 2 hour documentary.
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