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    Thanks Garry, when I shot the image it was all about the amazing color in the evening sky and the color version is posted Color Photographs. But when I got to looking at the tones and the horizontal lines of the clouds and grass vs the vertical lines of the windmill I thought B&W might be good...
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    47th Challenge - Panorama.

    Just a crop-Pleasure Pier
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    Anyone game for a Single in January 2018 (SiG18) challenge?

    I am still trying to decide if I should play. I just finished a Nifty-Fifty Meme today, over at Nikon Cafe - shoot a normal 50mm for week fifty of the year. By the end of one week, I was glad it was over. It made me realize how much I like stretching or compressing distance with wides and teles...
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    Show: Clouds

    Indeed! Often the sky is just the magic sauce that makes an image pop, but sometimes it is the star.
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    High Contrast B & W

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