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    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    Buzz also known as BBC(Bloody black cat) Buzz is very food oriented and can get quite pushy when food is produced! And he’s very friendly. Lumix GX8 + Lumix 20mm @ 1/60 f6.3 ISO2000
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    Little & Large!

    Big boats and little boats. Lumix G9 + PLeica 12mm @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200
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    Words/No Words: Color landscapes

    Tony, I wish you a long and happy retirement. If you thought you were busy, believe me you ain’t seen nothing yet. Good luck to you and your sig other. Regards Mike G
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    They’re looking at us!

    Two beautiful Barn Owls at a summer fete. Lumix GX8 + Lumix G 20mm @ 1/125 f5.6 ISO1600.
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    Danish toilet sign!

    Well it made me laugh!
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    The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    Yeo cats can be helpful like that! :th_salute:
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    Yellow Awning

    It rescues and finds unwanted dogs new homes and looks after them while they are waiting! The Dogs Trust is a charity which is why they are fund raising. My daughters dog Bertie is from the DT, when someone adopts a pooch the adopters pay approx £100 any doggy health problems are funded by the...
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    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    I think the 20mm 1.7 is reasonably quick on my GX8. Not blisteringly fast but also not glacially slow. But of course IBIS helps a lot.
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    Yellow Awning

    The Dogs Trust in Uxbridge raising money, over 900 dogs rescued from euthanasia in August! IPhone X @ 1/2800 f1.8 ISO20. No model dogs were harmed in taking this photo.
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    Show: Random Picture Thread!!!

    Anybody paying £75-£100 for a bottle of Ribena needs to have their head examined, ridiculous.
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    Micro 4/3 Going downstream.

    Cynthia, on her way downstream to fill up with oil Lumix G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/2000 f4 ISO200
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    All together now!

    These chaps were busyly not paddling hard on the Mosel, possibly after a few glasses of a beverage. Quite heavily cropped because I only had my PLeica 25mm with me. Lumix G9 + PLeica 25mm 1.4 @ 1/1600 f4 ISO200
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    A fellow cruise passenger, I believe he was a Nikon shooter! Lummix G9 + 25mm 1.4 @ 1/1250 f4 ISO200
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    The Weindorf in Koblenz, lots of wine, oompah music and sausages! Lumix G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/1250 f4 ISO200 Many a sore head after visiting there.:drinks:
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    Micro 4/3 Koblenz sculpture

    I've just noticed a Wood Pigeon perched on the sculpture!
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