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    Fuji Minolta Rokkor to Fuji Adapter

    I have 7 adapters from rainbowimaging and they all perform just fine. No wiggle, no metal chards...
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    Fuji What X camera?

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    Fuji XE2 body only or XE1 + 18-55mm

    The current deals on the X-E1+18-55 make it hard to pass up... Currently the 18-55 is $629, but for $70 more you can get an X-E1 body with it... Crazy...
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    Fuji Darn Raw files and Tripod mount

    Wow, a little bit of everything in that post... hope everything works out for you.
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    Fuji Bad copy, or just me?

    I've got a Vivitar S1 70-210/3.5 in Nikon mount and it works great on my Fuji. Cropped pretty tight.
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    Fuji Fuji 18-55 / 55-200 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Fuji 18-55 / 55-200 Prices 18-55 - $310 55-200 - $500 Location USA Ships to USA Description Looking to get an 18-135. These 2 spectacular lenses must go. The 55-200 barely sees any use, and I'll regret giving up the 18-55... PM...
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    Fuji Recommendation for a swiss-type clamp that securely holds the MHG-XT small base plate

    Is it possible that your head is not Arca-Swiss compatible...? I had a ballhead that had a quick release plate, but but it wasn't Arca-Swiss compatible, and only the plates it came with worked, and the Acra-Swiss plates didn't fit. I have the MHG-XT and it works fine with my Sunwayfoto DB-52...
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    Fuji How does one store unused/retired digital equipment?

    I store all of my unused/retired gear on eBay. It's great. You send it away, and you get cash back, so you can go buy more gear. Then, one day when you say to yourself, 'Boy, I wish I hadn't sold that...', you just buy it back.
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    Fuji Will an ND filter solve the problem? Overblown skies are killing me.

    There is a graduated filter in Lightroom...
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    Fuji Nissin i40 for Fujifilm

    I saw one of these in person. Build quality is excellent, and size is perfect for an X-series camera... can't wait to get one...
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    Fuji Rokinon 85mm f1.4 vs Fuji 60mm

    The Fuji 60 is sharp, very sharp. Not the fastest AF of the XF line, but sharp. Did I say sharp? BTW, I am quite able to focus, even with the aperture closed on all of my MF lenses... Unless it's very dark, you don't need to focus wide open then stop down.
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    Fuji What brand of adapter to get?

    I have about 10 Fotasy adapters from rainbowimaging on eBay, and no problems with any of them.
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