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    Sony RX1 - Focus selection in portrait photography

    When shooting a portrait, one should focus on an eye. It seems to me that using flexible spot is the best focus selection because it offers the smallest focusing square. I expect that this will increase chances that focus is correctly on an eye. Because I like this small focusing square I...
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    Sony whats your RX1 software/workflow?

    Can this have anything to do with shading in the RX1? Harry
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    Sony RX1 - Using D Range Optimizer in RAW

    Regrettably nobody seems to be interested in this DRO Range subject? I did some testing in the meantime, which I really should have done in the first place, before opening this thread. From this I get the impression that in RAW there seems to be no impact of applying DRO Auto or DRO LV 1...5...
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    Sony RX1 - Using D Range Optimizer in RAW

    So far I never used the D range Optimizer function because, always shooting in RAW, I thought that this can only be used when in Jpeg. But I noticed in the RX1 (lousy) User Manual that it can be used when shooting in RAW. I wonder how useful this D Range Optimizing is in RAW? Harry
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    Sony Got a few things for the RX1

    I have the Fotodiox Hood on my RX1 which is fine. It doesn't "jiggle" at all. I also use a nice black leather half case from Gariz which in my experience improves the handling of the RX1. Would the Fotodiox grip be a further improvement? I would then have to do away with my Gariz half case...
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    Sony I really don't know what I am doing.....

    Dear Lucille, What a pleasure to see your fantastic photographs. You really know how to compose and shoot! We could learn a lot more if you could show us the exif data of your pictures! Thanks, Harry
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    Sony Easy ransition from Leica M?

    I had a Leica M9 with Summilux lenses 35 and 50mm, for three years and loved using it. However due to an eye problem manual focusing with the range finder became a problem. I had more and more shots that where not sharp. I then considered buying the new Leica 240. One day I handled the RX1...
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    Sony Thumbs Up Grip options

    I would not want my EVF to be removed to enable using a thumb grip. The EVF is in my opinion, essential and far more important than a thumb grip. Also by using the Gariz half case (XS-CHRX1M) I have no problems holding the RX1 stable without a thumb grip because the Gariz extends the overall...
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    Sony RX1 - Clear Image Zoom - results

    RAY: I thought a lot about your above statement about a PP crop in RAW being better than a Clear Image Zoom in Jpeg. First most of the time a RAW will convert to JPEG eventually. My experience is that using the Clear Image Zoom results in far better image quality of the zoomed image, compared...
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    Sony RX1 using DRO and HDR Auto

    Is nobody using the HDR function of the RX1?
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    Sony RX1 using DRO and HDR Auto

    Can somebody guide me to detailed information about using the DRO-Auto and the HDR Auto function in the RX1. Thanks!
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    Sony RX1 - Clear Image Zoom - results

    Hello Rogerc, A definite advantage is that, where a cropping in PP results in a smaller file, the CIZ (max. 3x) keeps the original size (24M). I see a better IQ in CIZ versus a crop of the same size in PP. Moreover it is very easy. I don't quite understand what you mean in your last sentence...
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    Sony RX1 - Clear Image Zoom - results

    Have you tried out the Clear Image Zoom (CIZ) function in RX1 and what are your observations and possible conclusions? Does zooming in CIZ (in Jpeg ExtraFine) bring better results than traditional cropping in RAW? Harry
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    Sony RX1 -In Menu "Image Size" grayed out when in RAW

    In the RX1 'Menu camera' 1 "Image Size" is grayed out when "Quality" is in RAW. "Image size" is not grayed out when "Quality" is in "RAW & Jpeg", or in "Extra Fine", or in "Fine" or in "Standard". I can not remember noticing this before and I don't understand why this happens? Does anybody...
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    Sony RX1- How to use the Clear Image Zoom and the Smart Teleconverter?

    I finally found the way how to use the zoom function in RX1. RX1 - USING THE ZOOM FUNCTION I. Preparations: a) Select Image Size "L:24M" (M and S can be used too but better start with L:24M.) b) Make sure Quality is in "JPEG" c) De-activate the "Smile Shutter function", if necessary d)...
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