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    Fuji X100s Manual Focusing

    Before I tried it, I thought that I'd like the split image a lot. Turns out I didn't. It really doesnt work well, to be honest. Peaking is however, very good. The feel and throw of the focus ring is excellent as well. Too bad the rest of the camera isn't a huge step up from the X100. If it was...
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    X100 and X100S Black and White Image Thread

    And some more shadows from Norway!
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    X100 and X100S Black and White Image Thread

    Sunny weather today brings out the shadows!
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    Fuji Can I use the same UV filter on XF35 as on XF18?

    As the OP has got several good and correct answers to the question, I don't see the harm in elaborating on the subject of UV filters? It's true that it's a personal choice, but a lot of people use them because the guy in the camera store told them to, instead of pointing out the problems with...
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    Fuji Can I use the same UV filter on XF35 as on XF18?

    You can use the same filter, yep. However, a UV-filter will degrade image quality without really protecting anything. The glass in the filter is actually quite brittle, and it shatters easily. If it does, it will blast the front element of your lens with small, sharp glass shards which will...
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    Fresh snowfall

    Thanks, pniev! The snow wasn't really deep, but there was slick ice right under it at places. Almost fell and broke the X100, several times... :p
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    Fresh snowfall

    I went on my first trip with the local photography club today, which went very well! We had some fresh snowfall this morning, and I thought some high contrast Black & White would be nice again. All pictures with my X100. Enjoy! :) More pics from the set can be found...
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    Fuji Anyone else wishing for X100s+interchangeable lens?

    Well, the WCL-X100 gives you a 28mm-equivalent perspective on the X100/X100s. I'm thinking of getting one myself. I'd love to see a teleconverter in the same style, though. 50mm or 85mm equivalent would be great.
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    X100 and X100S Black and White Image Thread

    Thanks! I really like how the dark look works in the pics you posted, spinyman. It works very well for me! ;) Another one from my X100:
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    Fuji X100 v. the other X - Leica X2

    Thanks, abl33! I just got back from another trip there not an hour ago, actually. I'll post another series within a couple of days, I hope! :)
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    Fuji WCL-X100 and distortion when shooting raw?

    Aha! I thought it might have been updated in later versions of LR/ACR, as the complaints I read about it was for LR 3x... Very nice to know that the current version of LR/ACR reads the correction info from the raw-files. This info means that I can go ahead and get the WCL then. Great! :)
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    Fuji X100 v. the other X - Leica X2

    Yes, I've used both the X100 and the X2. To be honest, I can't say that I liked the X2. The image quality is about the same, with a slight edge to the X100 in my opinion. There's no real difference when it comes to build quality. The X100 is a stop faster, and the sensor handles high ISO a bit...
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    Fuji High ISO: X-Pro1/X-E1 vs Canon 6D

    If money is tight, the 6D would be one of the last cameras I'd buy, to be honest. An X-E1 is a lot cheaper, lighter and more portable. They are two very different cameras. I can't see any good reason to chose the 6D over the Nikon D600 unless you've got a lot of Canon glass already either.
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    A trip to the Junkyard with the X100

    As long as the 35mm equivalent focal length suits your needs and you don't feel the need for more lens options, I'm sure the X100s will be the best camera for you. You'll get even better IQ from the X100s as well, and I must admit that I have grown as a photographer by being forced to use a...
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