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    Olympus Stylus 1

    Sorry mate, I guess was writing here stylus-1 but about Sony Rx10! GM1 kit is very small like the size of Pentax q and the second lens like 45-150 will stay in your pocket, so less bulk on your neck strap compare to these bridge cameras!!
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    Olympus Stylus 1

    That's what I meant .. XZ-1 has a better sensor .. Stylus-1 got XZ-2 one. However, maybe you preffer XZ-2's better higher ISO performance over XZ-1's better low ISO performance, as on tele-end of 300mm FFE, you would need a faster shutter speed, compare to XZ1's limited tele end. Also in my...
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    Sony When are you an RX10 buyer?

    completely agree with you here Ray!! a small m43 with two f2.8 lenses is also my choice .. however you can keep rx10 for ease of use in travel photogrpahy and rx1 for low light shooting!! i like your camera gear collection .. very sensible!! and i gonna check your flickr stream soon .. thanks...
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    Olympus Stylus 1

    if compact size is crucial .. then why not GM1 kit (gives you 24mm covered) and add some entery level zoom lens like 45-150mm which is less than $200
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    Olympus Stylus 1

    xz-1 is an excellent camera .. i would say maybe at the level of xz-2! as essentially sharing the same sensor!!
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    Canon Canon G1X in Tasmania

    These are all amazing photos mate. You really changed my perception about this camera. All of these photos are excellent on clarity and contrast. Specially the food shelves one .. brilliantly exposed and composed. Thanks for sharing!
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    Dynamic Range Comparison: Sony RX100, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GX1

    Its an excellent testing you done Amin. I love the way you challenge DXO, then developed the story with further testing / discussion. DR is definately one of the most important aspect of photography and specially the landscape. However in my poor opinion, with the recent advancement of software...
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    When is a “Serious Compact” not really a compact?

    Truely, also if extreme portability is the ultimate goal why not serious mobile cameras .. like Nokia 808 PureView with Carl Zeiss F2.4 8.02mm lens (26mm, 16:9 | 28mm, 4:3 equiv) I just upgraded my iphone for the same reason. very good iQ on these cameras combining app based panorama and HDR...
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    Micro 4/3 just an E-M5 review link

    This is a very useful review, sensible words and loaded with inspirational photos .. Thanks for sharing!
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    XZ-1, how's it in low light.

    All depends on your style of photography mate. You are the best judge, of course! for instance 14mm f2.5 on m43 is very shallow dof compare to 6mm on 1/1.7 type with f1.8 for street photography. Still its subjective :)
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    When is a “Serious Compact” not really a compact?

    In my very poor opinion a compact camera is the one that make me feel easy carrying it, with its handeling and flexibility. I am struggeling finding one at this moment. Probably the day when Nikon Sony fuji and Oly will create a D800 size fixed lens camera body by nikon with a 4/3 format Sony...
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    XZ-1, how's it in low light.

    well, will see :p Awesome photoset! @RX100 no matter how good it is at low light, some how, its handeling lacks .. i don't feel any connection; so won't touch it! Also it lacks lens aperture where it will be needed more i.e. at tele end! well lets all wait for X10-Mark II then :p
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    XZ-1, how's it in low light.

    Its excellent wide open and at base ISOs upto 400. Check my Photo-set on XZ-1, many were taken in low-light and am very impressed. I also had LX5, was ok in low light but XZ-1 is better with its wide lens. Camera - Olympus XZ-1 - a set on Flickr Really depends whats your shooting style...
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    Expect improvement on new Enthusiast compacts with Sony sensors 1/1.7"

    Sony Global - CX-NEWS Vol.69 Check this link guys, was also posted on DPR but the most notable impressive specs of the new sensor are: - Vast Improvement in Picture Quality (DR and Lower noise) with 1.9 times the saturation signal level - Larger pixel (1.85 µm) size + better light collecting...
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    Canon S110 and G15 Now In Stock at B&H. Does Anyone Care?

    are you considering pany fz200 with f/2.8 const on entire 24x range?
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