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    First Consumer Camera

    I though some of you might find this article, and the photos, as interesting as I did: 14 Amateur Photos Taken With the Very First Consumer Camera "Introduced in 1888, the Kodak No. 1 was the first camera marketed to average consumers. And thanks to a new set of images from the National...
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    Last Day - Silver September 2013

    The horse would not stay still. Just kept movin' and chewin'.
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    Day 26 - Silver September 2013

    Luke is right. It is a light fixture. I really like how it turned out. I was having a particularly off kilter day. I must have been trying to straighten or balance my perspective out because all of my shots that day were stark, abstract, and lined.
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    Day 29 - Silver September 2013

    Before the storm.
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    Day 28 - Silver September 2013

    Signature Needle Arts double pointed knitting needles with the stiletto point. Knitters can be just as <s>crazy</s> particular about gear as photographers. :smile:
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    Day 26 - Silver September 2013

    Took my camera to work today.
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    Day 25 - Silver September 2013

    Oh, what a lovely shot. I want to reach out and pet him. He's beautiful.
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    Day 25 - Silver September 2013

    Back at the beach this morning.
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    News Stolen Photo 'wins' Photo Contest

    Well, maybe we just shouldn't worry about it.
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    News Stolen Photo 'wins' Photo Contest

    If you set your Flickr account so that only you have access to the original files, I believe this prevents downloading. You can also set it so others cannot share via various social media. The only way they can get your pic then (unless they are a hacker) is to take a screenshot. I don't know...
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    News Stolen Photo 'wins' Photo Contest

    I just read a blog entry by a woman who's photo (of her family, no less!) was stolen and used in a newspaper article, an article that she had serious issues with besides the stolen image. So are journalists trolling Flickr for images now that they've cut photography staff?! Argh. I don't...
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    Day 24 - Silver September 2013

    Two today, taken during a walk on the trails instead of the beach. My dog was very patient while I took these. Yes, she got a treat. :)
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    Day 23 - Silver September 2013

    Thank you, all. :) You will definitely see more seascapes. I am very lucky to live in such beautiful part of the world.
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