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    perhaps not a "serious" nor a "compact" - but what a cool idea!!

    check this out: a Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera // Jonas Pfeil
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    Help! ''Off-photography period' :-(

    Vince, i currently feel a bit "off" as well. for me, the change in weather (getting so cold!) plus my return to college to finish another degree has really put a major cramp in my regular habits, including photography. but- that said- those photos you recently posted (11/07/11 i think?) are...
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    The Halloween Thread for Scary Pictures!

    on a "ghost tour" in Plymouth, MA all photos taken with Oly XZ-1, no flash; minimal pp w/ Aperture
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    Show "Graffiti"

    more here
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    The Weekly Challenge for September 30th - October 5th

    from a recent graffiti-hunting expedition.
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    If you suffer from arachnophobia, DON'T LOOK, you have been warned

    i'm sad about the ladybug but that's the indifference of mama nature... these are wonderful shots!!
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    B&W Conversion Software

    hmm... Topaz has some fun tools. I rather like how this turned out. Montauk, NY.
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    B&W Conversion Software

    i posted these in the B&W w/nw thread also, but figured i should post them here too - done with Topaz BW trial download
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    edited with Topaz BW, trying it out since my Nik SEP trial ran out :P
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    The Weekly Challenge 23 - 28 September.

    my little sister.
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    Software Topaz will soon have a competitor to Nik Silver Effects Pro (SEP2).

    I will purchase this too. I have only briefly used NIK's SEP2 trial version and while i liked the end results, it's a little steep for me right now -- this came at the perfect time! Thank you for posting the link, I'll be sure to post a few :)
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    XZ-1 1/13 f2 ISO 200
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    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    BB, that tomato up at the top has such character! I love this.
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    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    you know, i finally saw one of those Romanesco things in real life for the first time a few weeks ago. nature is awesome, eh? great shot! :)
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    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    dinner prep. May 2010.
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