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    Fuji Fuji Remote Camera App

    Fuji NZ has recently got back to me on this issue and has promised to sent a link to this discussion to their HQ in Japan.
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    Fuji Fuji Remote Camera App

    Hi Rico, Is there a way to prevent/disable this app from an annoying renaming of my file names (to some sort of date/time format?) when transferring images to my android mobile? Cheers Neil
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    Fuji Wireless remote for X100s/X100t?

    Yes everything works BUT How can I prevent Fuji's Camera Remote from renaming my images when it transfers them to my android smartphone?
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    Fuji transfer from xt1 to android smartphone

    For my X100T, which I understand has the same wifi capabilities as the XT1, I use Fuji Camera Remote as it also gives me the ability to control the camera remotely from my phone and to geotag my images as well. Both the Receiver and the Browse Camera sections of this app allow the sending of up...
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