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    Camera Bag Review Via The Online Photographer

    Good read. Here's mine. An old khaki Hadley Pro canvas and a Black Fibrenyte Hadley Pro. I've tried loads and there's nothing better for my needs. Use them daily and for everything.
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    Show "Cows"

    :) Cow & Girl by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Sony RX1- How to use the Clear Image Zoom and the Smart Teleconverter?

    I don't use it that much but when I have I put the Clear Zoom on the rear dial (bottom arrow). 2 clicks for max...140mm? I really should get round to reading the manual, lol. Sorry if this isn't very helpful.
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    Sony What I Don't Like About the RX1

    It's quirky needs a slight grip and a VF where the flash is for sure...but jeez when you view the files straight out of the camera all is forgiven.
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    Sony On the Streets of New York with the RX!

    Love them - thanks for posting
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    Show "Flowers"

    Weird Bug by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Fuji 3rd authorized pics in Xinjiang, China. Serious grand pics.

    Painting with light. Stunning.
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    And I thought my M8 was my 'goto B/W camera'. Love pics everyone - inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing!
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    Sony Finally sunk the cash into the RX1 yesterday...

    Gawd...I thought it was just me lol
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    Sony Finally sunk the cash into the RX1 yesterday...

    Congrats. Welcome aboard!
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    Giraffe/Mother In Law Mother In Law/Giraffe Hard to tell.
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    Show "Flowers"

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    Sony show us your RX1

    Thanks. Worrying stuff though. ...and I just tried a wall at find this: So depressed, then I thought I'll try rocket blowing all the nooks n crannies...I failed and it was still there. Hrrrmmmph. Next step, a vacuum cleaner attachment...nothing, UNTIL I opened up the flash and...
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    Leica New Leica Mini M

    *turns to my RX1* "Rest easy my beautiful little boy, rest easy" :smile:
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