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    Rockin a Fanny

    Not a fanny pack but how about the Lowepro Adventura SH 110 II
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    Sony Showcase Rx100 images

    Nova Scotia
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    Sony RX100-III, using the Memory recall / memory presets ... how to use & setup?

    Hi. You might want to have a look at
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    Sony RX100M5 ND filter

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. I agree with your assessment and hope that Sony changes their documentation to remove the suggestion that it's possible to adjust the ND filter stops. It currently shows On (1/2/3), or something like that. Cheers Paul
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    Sony RX100M5 ND filter

    Hi. Online spec sheets claim ND filter On has 3 levels but there doesn't appear to be any way to select different levels via menu settings. Any advice?
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    Sony Can Sony RX100 models take multiple exposures?

    Hi Dave. Sorry, I can't make any recommendations. I don't have a RX100. Have only used apps on my A6000 and not enough to really say how good the apps are one way or the other.
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    Sony Can Sony RX100 models take multiple exposures?

    There is a Multiple Exposure app that is compatible with the RX100 model line See Multiple Exposure | PlayMemories Camera Apps
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