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    Fuji Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

    Lovely images and a truly moving installation. You can buy the ceramic poppies from the installation here: Sent from my iPad using FujiXspot
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    Fuji X-t1 screen protector

    From my experience Expert Shield are pretty good too. Have them on my X100, X10, iPhones and iPad. Sent from my iPad using FujiXspot
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    Fuji Gone, baby.......gone. X100S

    Good luck with your new gear Peter. Thanks for posting some truly inspirational images from your x100s. I'll continue to follow your work on Flickr and I've no doubt it will continue to be an insipiration. Phil
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    Inline skating

    excellent! Love it!
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    X100s Eclectic

    Excellent images as always Peter.
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    Fuji 18h of Death Valley

    Great images! The cinematic road shots make me want to watch Electra Glide in Blue again.
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    Out with the X100s today

    Thanks for the info. It looks familiar but I can't think that I've been there.
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    Out with the X100s today

    Great stuff! Where's the location? Looks familiar to me but I can't quite place it - Chatsworth?
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    San Francisco with the XT1

    Lovely, inspirational images Ray
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    Fuji Please introduce yourselves!

    Looks good from here! Phil
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    Fuji Are fuji lenses overpriced?
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