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    Fuji FujiXspot $1,000 Giveaway - March 2015

    Cool thread, enjoying the images. Here's mine: (35mm ISO 3200 f5 1/70th)
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    Fuji Showcase Rokinon 12mm f2

    Haven't seen many sample shots of this lens on the net so thought I would share some from a recent trip to Bali. I'll hopefully be able to put up some more shots from Japan later as well. I like how wide it my zuiko 9-18mm for my micro four thirds setup. The 'curvature of the...
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    Feedback Security Certificate warning

    Often when I have issues with security certificates the local date is off on my end (on mobile devices at least).
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    Fuji Any recommendation for a good 85-100mm adapted lens/adapter???

    The super takumar 85mm 1.8 has some great build quality and IQ. Abit pricy though..ranges from 300-450ish IIRC.
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    Any good Flash for Olympus OMD?

    I like the Nissin Di466. Small, cheap, seems fairly robust and powerful. I'm not an expert on flash but the reviews seemed positive.
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    Salvador Dali Desert, Bolivia

    That is such a cool landscape. Just surreal. Thanks for sharing.
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    Concrete Reflections

    Thanks guys. The recent thread bump reminded me that I've been tinkering with the image, different aspect ratio for printing, cloned out those distracting logos and desaturated the colour. I think it works better but not entirely convinced..
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    Fuji Girl watching

    Very creative capture!
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    Fuji Rokinon 14mm 2.8

    I was quite curious about this lens. From what I have read, if you don't mind manually focusing you get: -exceptional image quality for the price -difficult to correct 'mustache' distortion -sloppy distance markings -a solid, heavy lens -I have seen a pic on flickr with it adapted to an XP1...
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    Nothing like a sunset after the storm

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it. :)
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    Nothing like a sunset after the storm

    There are days where there's not much to do for the picture..the sky has done all the work. My "backyard" view I suppose. Just opened the window from my office and leaned out! Panasonic G5 14-45mm G5 with Olympus 40-150mm.
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    Rainy Day Foliage

    Because I like to punish my old bellow lens set-up with a 100mm f4 Minolta MD (on slightly less old Panny G1). Hey if it's lasted for 30-40 years, I'm sure I won't be the one to wreck it. It was pouring rain and blowing hard, wish I had a tripod for better focusing and ideally my remote...
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    New York, New York.....

    I like the processing on the Orchard St shot. It works!
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    Banality and me.

    Nice colours!
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    Nikon Nikon Releases All Weather & Underwater Nikon 1 Body

    Nice! Its about time that someone didit. Could make for a good extreme travel setup if the lenses pan out.
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