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    Arnhem Open Air Museum

    It was a lovely day today and we decided to visit the Arnhem Open Air Museum. It is a collection of Dutch buildings through the ages, all carefully taken apart and re-assembled on the museum site. The buildings range from windmills to farms to town houses to train stations and everything in...
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    What is it Wednesday - week 15

    Well, that must be some sort of record... I had never seen one before, but I guess I must be unique in that respect...:) So to avoid any waiting I suggest Bill tries to get another (and slightly more difficult challenge) up as soon as possible, so we can still finish by next Tuesday, as scheduled...
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    What is it Wednesday - week 15

    Apologies for being a day late, but today I went out and try to take a few pictures that would hopefully keep you guessing a little. I have no idea if this is a difficult one or not, I for sure probably would not recognise it if I had not seen it live today...:) Each member gets one guess...
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    What Is It Wednesday - Week 14

    I have to admit it was my wife who helped me here.. I had looked at it on my phone, and later looked again on the tablet. Could still not make much of it so I turned the tablet to my wife who was sitting a few meters away and asked her what it was... Almost immediately she told me it was some...
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    What Is It Wednesday - Week 14

    It made no sense on my phone, but now looking at it from a few meters away on my tablet it seems to be some lcd or led screen from some old digital watch, and it is 1.46 pm...:)
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    Ricoh A very Dutch Winter (Ricoh GR)

    Same goes for me yes, I like the shore but somehow always seem to end up there without a camera... Maybe it is just my subconscious trying to warn me against sand and salt in the camera, it can get very windy on our shores....
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    Ricoh A very Dutch Winter (Ricoh GR)

    This is actually a park close to where I live, the Philips de Jongh Park in Eindhoven. It used to be private grounds belonging to the Philips family (the ones who started the big Electronics company), but these days it is a public park, with a nice little pub in the middle as well...:)
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    Ricoh A very Dutch Winter (Ricoh GR)

    We had a small spell of winter here just after Christmas, so I went for a walk with the GR to capture some of the winter-wonderland, which is getting more and more rare for The Netherlands in the last years. It was already close to sunset and the sky turned a dark blue almost, but the GR seemed...
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    Feedback Site problems, Gallery not available

    Just tried to attach some photos to a new thread I wanted to start (photos were uploaded to my gallery just before) and I get the same message as well...
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