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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    I’m a lurker more than a contributor nowadays, but I dust off the Merrill every once in a while. Good to see the community still active! Photo taken during an overcast day in San Diego a couple weeks ago.
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    Leica D-Lux6 Nighttime Cityscape

    Good at low-light, indeed. Is that the bat signal coming from the roof of the building behind?
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    Sigma How many DP Merrills?

    I have the Sigma DP2 Merrill and DP3 Merrill. I'd buy the DP1 Merrill too, but a line has to be drawn. I'm not Roy :tongue: (At least I still have the original DP1)
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    There have been some great additions to this thread since I last visited it. Somewhat inspired by Ed's "High School Football" thread, I brought my camera to my high school's homecoming game this past weekend. It's been quite some time since I graduated, but things haven't changed much. A far cry...
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    Congratulations :)

    Congrats Amin! Eagerly awaiting the review. :biggrin:
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    Fuji X70? = X100S-viewfinder - would anyone be interested?

    There is certainly a market, Luke. I've been waiting for something like this and while the GR comes close, I'd prefer a 23mm or 27mm for an everyday lens over the GR's 18.3mm. Neither the lack of a viewfinder nor the f/2.8 lens bothers me. I don't mind taking photos with the DP2 Merrill in low...
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    too many compacts

    Welcome kavu. Too much gear? Doesn't sound like a problem to me! :cool:
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    finally joined

    Welcome Dan! I'm sure you'll be happy with either and we have knowledgeable users of both cameras on this forum should you have any questions. Looking forward to your photos.
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    NY Times Lens blog: "Looking at Our Hometowns"

    This is fantastic, BB. I know "a picture is worth a thousand words," but it's amazing what a paragraph of context to each image can add to a gallery like this. I truly enjoyed reading and looking through the slideshow.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens

    You're right, 28mm 3:2 OVF. The vertical framelines are close to accurate. It's funny, because I have inserted the memory card and found several blank (black) JPEGs. I never shot film, so it's not in my mindset to remove the lens cap (or, in my case, switch the lever). :redface:
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    Free Photo Magazines

    Thanks ReD and serhan for the links. Although not a traditional magazine, you guys might be interested in The Wider Image app on the iPad. It's a very addicting:
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    password management

    I'm with mrmachine; 1Password is my choice for my Mac and iPad. The iOS app is particularly impressive, although it is expensive to buy both for the computer and iDevice. Do you use a Mac, Luke? If you can wait, Apple is readying their own built-in password management that will sync across all...
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    DAY TWO - Silver September 2013

    There are always rude people in the front row when trying to enjoy a movie:
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    Sigma Dodgeball!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. For those not familiar with the dodgeball, the rules are simple: 1. KILL 2. KILL 3. KILL For those interested in less tongue-in-cheek information about the photos: The dodgeball tournament took place this weekend as one of the many fundraising events at...
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    DAY ONE - Silver September 2013

    Great post, ReD! Here is my Day 1 contribution. Just a snapshot and my favorite from my dodgeball set, but I thought the action was interesting:
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