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    Leica Leica T

    Oh Dear, you've posted it upside down.;) Seriously - your Amazon image is Amazing. Cheers
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    Leica Request: Let this be the SL & T Forum

    I understand that SL and T share the same mount.
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    Leica Harrogate, Yorkshire with X2

    Harrogate is a beautiful old Spa Town filled with very nice, quite expensive treats for the senses. Betty's is an institution: L1120430 And they have a to go service: L1120445 The parks are delightful: L1120447 L1120446 And there are some fantastic cars on show L1120448
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    Leica The X2 Files

    Palais Royale, Paris L1120196
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    Leica EVF Leica X

    Totally agree. I confused the X-E and the X (and replied from memory rather than checking - dangerous)
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    Leica EVF Leica X

    For value for money go for an X2 with the Olympus EVF - that combination must be 95% or more as good as the newer X (113). Actually I think the only non-cosmetic upgrade from the X2 to the X is the LCD screen resolution. If you want the new camera you have to cough up for the new EVF. Or trade...
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    Leica Paris with my X2

    Today is a miserable rainy day so I'm looking back through travel images. Monument to Diderot
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    Leica Classic Car Pictures

    Permission to hijack thread for classic cars Parisienne Citroen
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    Leica The X2 Files

    And another Notre Dame cathedral Notre Dame 2
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    Leica The X2 Files

    Don't you just hate a cliche? L1120261
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    Leica The X2 Files

    I bet these guys do the best Easter Eggs L1120255
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    Leica First images with the Leica X-U.

    Hi Dale, On dry land how does it compare to the other X-cameras?
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    Leica The X2 Files

    The New Forth Bridge under construction. FRC from the FRB L1120342 Reach out and touch
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    Leica The Official Leica Place Street Thread

    L1052353 L1052279 L1052332
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    Leica The X2 Files

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