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    Canon Canon Finally Go Mirrorless

    I think this is a great move by canon. Will I buy one? Probably not since I think this camera is not for us that want the fastest glass etc. But for a massive amount of people and for all-round travel this is an excellent camera I'm sure. And for canon a much smarter move than to create an X100...
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    The Ricoh GR Digital Camera: A Philosophy of Design

    Thanks for this write-up. To me the GRD is a classic example of a serious compact. I've been tempted to purchase one of the GRD over the years but never did for different reasons. The GXR with the A12/28 is now my main Ricoh, but I still see benefits of the more compact GRD. And I'm not ready...
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    Review: Ricoh GXR Camera with 28 and 50mm Lens-Sensor Modules

    LOL no design awards? Actually the GXR received the Gold Award in the iF product design award 2011 for internationally outstanding design. :cool: See: RICOH GXR received iF product design award 2011 - Gold Award « NEW CAMERA Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I've always found the...
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    Shallow depth of field with software?

    Few compacts do shallow DoF very well (in comparison to DSLR with fast prime). I've done some searching and could only find a few software tools that can do this in post processing. I found only these 2: - Alienskin Bokeh, have just downloaded the trail. A thad expensive at $199. - On 1...
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    Micro 4/3 EXTREMELY cool hyperfocal setup on LX5 - a revelation to me...

    Ricoh has something alike with their snap focus setting (distance is configurable on the newer models). But with that you still would need a ballpark figure for hyperfocal focus. Thanks for posting this insight it looks like a cool feature. I've noticed that only a few compacts show actual...
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    Should we have separate forums for different types of fixed lens cameras?

    %#}{*] voting via an iPhone is not recommended. I just voted yes but intended to vote no :-( darn those small touch screens. Sorry guys. I think us fixed lens serious compact shooters can jointly share 1 forum. Let's show that we are grown ups and are here for the results (aka photos) and not...
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    Canon Canon releases S95

    Not sure what you mean with Focus lock, but the manual can be downloaded here: Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : PowerShot S95 The camera has manual focus (you can then focus with the front dial). And from what I've heard the zoom and the (manual) focus settings are stored in the custom...
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    SDHC Card

    I've used Transcend for quite some time now (both CF and SD) never had issues with them. SanDisk is a premium brand with premium priced. But Kingston and Transcend are also A-brands. Since they are both rated class 10 both will be more than fast enough, most likely there will no difference...
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    How do you keep up with rumors and news?

    Most of the time I try not to keep up with rumours and only follow announcements (RSS reader subscribed to DPReview feed). Only when I'm thinking to buy a new cam or lens, I hook into the rumours (then of course depending on the brand). OK OK, I have to admit that from time-to-time I...
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    Micro 4/3 Macro lens for m4/3

    As far as I know there is only 1 Micro 4/3 Macro lens at this time: the (quite expensive) Leica 45mm F2.8: H-ES045 - Lenses - Shop and Compare at Panasonic With the M4/3 to 4/3rd adapter you have more choices. Regards Remko
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    Hi BB, Thanks for your kind words. Anytime! Regards Remko

    Hi BB, Thanks for your kind words. Anytime! Regards Remko
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    Sun Sniper- who uses it ?

    No experience with the sniper but do with the black rapid RS4. Can't live without it for my dslr. The sniper wasn't out yet when I bought it but I love the small storage in the padded area of the RS4 (fits my spare batt and mem card). Remko
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    Which aspect ratio you shoot and why ?

    I mainly shoot 3:2 (often even with my GX100). I also crop to other formats depending on the composition. But 3:2 to me seems to be more pleasing than 4:3 maybe also a force of habit. Remko
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    Coming Soon: Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Shootout

    Nice set of gear :cool: Personally I would liked that the Ricoh GXR was included. But the lens choice with larger sensors is still too limited to be real competition. Remko
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    Hi there, Remko's here

    Hi today I took the jump from the old SeriousCompacts forum (westrikr) and signed-on here. I'm also active on the RicohForum since I'm an GX100 and R5 owner. I like the advantage of a small camera over an DSLR although I also own one with a good number of lenses. And to be honest my Canon...
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