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    Fuji New to X10

    With respect, you have referenced 3 other cameras/systems in your replies but not the Fuji X10 so it is not clear to me that you are considering the EXR mode at all.
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    Fuji New to X10

    Another vote for 6MP EXR mode - best for dynamic range.
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    Looks more Mediterranean than East End, very well done! You probably know this blog but it is worth publicising here since there is a lot of photography in in it:
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    My assumption has been: "The sky is big, so you need a wide-angle lens, right?" But maybe

    Regarding your assumption, see here: for a clear exposition.
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    Ricoh Is the GR Digital II (GRD2) the Black Sheep of the GRD family?

    More info here: Try here: and dpreview user reviews at:
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    Fuji Raw processing with the X20

    The latest free Adobe DNG converter works on X20 (and X10) RAW files.
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    Fuji X10 Raw download

    I think he also uses the 6 MP EXR files
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    Gloucester Cathedral

    No, but apparently you have to be logged in to see Iansky's photos though not other users.
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    Ricoh The Ricoh GW-1 21mm Conversion

    Try: GRD2: The 21mm converter is your friend - GRD2: The 21mm converter is your friend - Impressions from using the GRD3 -
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    News Apple security update released.

    There are two things conflated here. So far as I know there is no Security Update for Lion 10.7.2 but there is an update to 10.7.3 which is what is discussed in the forum referenced above and some people are having problems with. I have installed it with no problems. There may be a Security...
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    Micro 4/3 SUPER basic GF3 question

    I think it only does NOT appear in Auto mode – eg menus are expanded in Aperture priority and so on, at least that is how it works in G1 and GF2.
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    Horizontal vs vertical pictures

    So how do you you feel about square pictures?
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    The old fashioned way of obtaining close ups (using extension tubes) Updated-images

    If that's a problem I could lend you a set of log tables :rofl:
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    Why is this Farmer growing Sunflowers?

    Hi Barrie I have just re-read my post and see that I mistyped the last sentence so it come across as sarcastic about the "agri-environment scheme" which was not my intention! I always enjoy your posts. I have seen a lot of very small game cover plots [as well as big ones obviously] and I am not...
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