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    Film Your ISO rating for HP5+

    I think the strategy of shooting EI 200 is to lift shadows and the dark areas with a hint of detail away from the tow of the curve, allowing the highlights to take care of themselves. However, using an incident lightmeter I'm getting good results at ISO400.
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    Film Obligatory Street Thread

    Been away for some time but having picked up an M6 I'm up and running, although currently relying on lab developing. M6 35 f/2.0 @ f4 (I recollect) Tri-X 400 shot at box speed: Liverpool by -Steve Ricoh-
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    Leica Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner will meet with us on May 31

    I wish someone would ask Leica why repairs take so long. I sent my 6-month old M240 back to Germany due to intermittent 'black frames' being recorded (no, not the lens hood, and I returned my camera prior to the recent firmware being released). That was over three weeks ago and I'm still without...
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    Leica Some firmware updates are out.

    Read elsewhere, some users are having issues with the 246 post update: 'black frames'. Maybe coincidental, maybe finger problem with the update procedure. I know all too well about black frames with my M240, but in my case it was intermittent. The complaint post firmware update seems to be a...
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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    Camera is now on its way to Germany, complete with a sample black frame on the enclosed SD card.
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    Leica Amsterdam

    Bikes and canals - you've depicted Amsterdam in the autum well. Nice set. Btw, I've used a Leica coupled with a 35mm cron in the rain and didn't seem to suffer (not my own - borrowed on an Leica Akadamie training day).
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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    Thanks for the reply, Brian. Are you saying this is a known problem or not and that others have had their cameras repaired? Out again yesterday and whilst taking a rapid succession of single frame shots using single instead of the continuous mode, with ISO set to 1600, all but one of the images...
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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    Thanks Carl. As I understand it there's an imminent firmware update to amend the 'check battery message' from occurring, mind you imminent is a mute point. I'm monitoring the situation and keeping a handwritten log of events. Once I've updated the firmware and if it happens again, I'll be...
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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    Hi Brian, I actually have two batteries and alternate them. As I'm a bit 'old school' when it comes to batteries, I try to let them run down before switching - I know it's not required, but I've read that the ideal regime is 20~80%. I've switched to a fully charged battery and will monitor, but...
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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    On two separate occasions I've ended up with black frames being recorded on the SD card. On both occasions the shutter sounds rather feeble, i.e. not its usual reassuring self when everything is normal. Battery no less than 50% and the EXIF recorded for the blanks is consistent with the next...
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    Leica Walk-in X Ray Machine

    Haven't posted a picture for a while, here's one taken with my recently acquired 50 lux ASPH - I was warned about Leica GAS! Cafe by -Steve Ricoh-
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    Leica Stuck filter - any tips on how to remove?

    That has to be one large rubber-stopper, whatever the lens, and I wasn't even thinking of the Noctilux! I get the idea though, surface contact around the whole circumference and a reasonable coefficient of friction, too. In Amin's case he mentioned a dent that could well have distorted the...
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    Leica Stuck filter - any tips on how to remove?

    Someone with a similar experience on the Leica forum - some interesting suggestions: Filter stuck on lens! - Leica M Lenses
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    Leica Stuck filter - any tips on how to remove?

    Given it's few days since posting this, how did you get on? In a similar situation, and given the filter is possibly scrap anyway, I would take a pair of regular pliers, the sort of pliers with groves on their inner blades, and apply a turning force applied between the inner and outer...
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    Leica Black or Silver ?

    Thanks dante, I started the thread some time ago, September last year I believe, when I had difficulty deciding and thought I'd garner inputs from the community. Anyway I purchased a black M240 in October, but thanks for your input. As an aside, I recently purchased a silver 50 lux ASPH and it...
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