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    Problems with Sony DSC-RX100

    Thanks for your reply. I have the Emanuel purchased, but no mention of the "blue" problem. However, Luke suggested it might be a white balance problem, I have set white balance to auto...will try outdoors tomorrow to see if better. Indoors tonite, seems to have a lot less blue!! Good!!
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    Problems with Sony DSC-RX100

    Thanks. White balance now on auto. Will experiment tomorrow. The blue seems to be gone indoors
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    thnx for welcoming me

    Hello Coyote.. I am a neophyte photographer, travel a lot with my wife, want to take better pix. Have recently acquired a Sony DSC- rx100, which you mentioned in your post. I love it! However, when I try to use aperture or shutter priority odes, get a ver unnatural blue cast in the image and the...
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    Problems with Sony DSC-RX100

    Hello! New member, neophyte photographer, with a very good compactcamera (Sony dsc-rx100). Very impressed. However, when trying to use aperture priority mode, or shutterspeed priority mode, everything looks blue, and the pictures taken in these modes have an unnatural blue to them. Any...
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