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    Fuji Fuji Cashback

    Thanks to the posts here was well prepared for the first of my claims today - have to say the process is more pedantic than that of Panasonic which I am more accustomed to but nevertheless my claim was validated in 1 1/2 hours ! Payment to follow
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    Fuji Fuji Cashback

    Have a couple of claims to put through now so hope it does go smoothly for me !
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    Fuji On my second Fuji body already !

    Got an irresistible deal on an XT1 on Sunday at the LCE (London Camera Exchange) Camera Show at Southampton Was intending to sell the recently acquired XT10 in favour of the XT1 but can see me using both with the much lighter and smaller XT10 used for primes when I can afford one or two later on...
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    Fuji X-T2 makes it pro race debut

    Just caught site of this thread. Have only read the initial post prior to writing this but this is just what I wanted to read Have just become a Fuji user intending to move up to the XT2 when it becomes more affordable perhaps next Motorsports season I am an existing M43 user and frequently...
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    Fuji Got my XT10 today - my first Fuji !

    Hi My XT10 kit with 18-55 f2.8-4 and 55-200 arrived today Got it in the Black option which to me looks better than the silver Have charged the battery and had a quick look at menus, handling and operation etc Seems a little alien at the moment having been solely M43 for the past 6 or so years...
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    Fuji Fuji Cashback

    Panasonic also now have a similar qualification period and as others have said this is almost certainly due to the unscrupulous To be fair to Fuji their Cashback Website has a very clear 3 step guide on how to claim - step 2 clearly stating that claims must be made no earlier than 30 days and no...
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    Fuji Hi from Rob (also a M43 user)

    Hi Have been a long term Mu43 member and still using M43 but wanted to try the Fuji system to see what it could produce hoping that low light response will be significantly better which is always an issue for me with M43 especially in the winters months here in the U.K. and also curious to see...
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